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Judas Priest

Blood Red Skies (7:49)

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  • A musica que mais amo deles !!! I'll fight you under blood red skies ♫
  • Priest at Rockavaria!..
  • one of the best of the album!
  • The best song on Ram It Down. No doubt.
  • Epic. Nothing more to say.
  • It's actually a drum machine, as Dave Holland was unavailable during the recording of the album.
  • "Great song with shitty drums." Still, I can't imagine this song without them.
  • Amazing! Epic!
  • Sounds a bit industrial/new wave.
  • Best song 4ever & ever!
  • powerful song !
  • always loved Rob's voice on this one!!! Epic song!!!
  • The best track on album Ram It Down!!!
  • Epic. Love that 80's beat.
  • ******
  • Nice1 ******
  • brilliant song/ best on the '88 cd
  • I actually like the drums, even though it sounds like a drum machine. I've always loved the production on a lot of 80s metal. This song is sooooooo fucking awesome. \m/
  • Yeah... unfortunately this song feels like the only reason to even have this album. But what a reason and song it is! The best of Judas Priest quite possibly!
  • So fucking Awesome!!!! \M/
  • Clearly the best track on this album [4] Can't believe I've had the luck to hear it live. Twice.
  • Such a great song!
  • I will stand. I will fight. You'll never take me alive!
  • Great song with shitty drums [2] Drums sound in "Ram it down" is terrible. Anyway, one of my all time favorite songs from Judas Priest.
  • The guitar intro is reminiscent of "The Hellion". I wonder if that was intentional.
  • Shitty drums? Well, they are obviously not as fast and complex compared to Painkiller, but they fit this song just perfectly. At least, that is how I feel.
  • Great song with shitty drums.
  • Great song! Other great songs on this album is: Ram It Down, Heavy Metal, Hard as Iron and Monsters of Rock. :-)
  • heavy metal forever!!!
  • Not too many songs give me Gooseflesh, this one does every time. What a great song.
  • Seeing Judas Priest play this live was one of the greatest moments of my life.
  • I like the Sin City clip on youtube, it's better than any official videos that exist.
  • Clearly the best track on this album [2]
  • Now this song is a masterpiece! So amazing. And i'n hlad i've heard it live.
  • a pure declaration of intents of what '80 heavy metal was supposed to be the intro of the heavy section is just mighty!
  • No words!!!
  • Halford's voice is godlike on this song. I get chills every time he hits those notes at 6:27.
  • Best song, in my opinion. And i've heard it live. :~ [2]
  • Best song, in my opinion. And i've heard it live. :~
  • Never surrender!
  • You'll never take me aliiiivvveeee!
  • such a great song!!!!
  • Gooseflesh is a great term. Only the best can give you that. I had a tad at the start of this song as well. Great CD and Band. Kings of Brit Metal.
  • \m/ priest!! \m/
  • que temon
  • Clearly the best track on this album
  • Immortal.
  • Great song from a disappointing album.
  • One of the best Priest's songs. Absolute love.


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