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I Joy Division sono una band formatasi a Manchester, UK, nel 1977. Il monicker del gruppo deriva dalla denominazione dalle baracche femminili dei campi di concentramento nazisti; le donne imprigionate in tali aree fungevano da mero oggetto di sfogo per gli impulsi sessuali delle milizie tedesche.

Leader carismatico del gruppo è Ian Curtis, morto suicida il 18 maggio del 1980, all'eta' di 23 anni. Oltre a Curtis al microfono - e,…

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  • v true
  • Band for cry babies
  • v high octane comment from brawesome :p
  • les bains douches > closer > unknown pleasures > every other piece of music that has ever been recorded & if you disagree but like some dumb shit like Crystal Castles, die in a fire ASAP before you can procreate & taint the gene pool for future generations.
  • Joy division and post-punk are somewhere beyond me
  • For all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • Come to Brazil, pls [2]
  • closer is better than unknown pleasures, but it's close since they're both almost equally pretty bad. :/
  • more like 'tried to be a douchebag, succeeded'.
  • @Saetiah lol tried to be controversial, but ended up being embarrassing. Sad.

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