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  • A wonderful voice, lovely songs.
  • Been a while since I've visited!... I am a College Radio DJ!!! -My show is called Merry Go Sound with DJ Nefrettiti as of SEPTEMBER 13th 2014 Merry Go Sound will air live Saturdayz @ 11pm - 1am (PST - USA)...May 22, 2014 was my Debut show... Broken Beat...Soul - Jazz - Funk - Rock - Nerd Hop...that's right Nerd Hop! - check me out....check it out!
  • good
  • A very boring and monotonous song. Another addition to my BAN list!
  • physc0delic
  • Beautiful...
  • Great Guitar! Love it! :)
  • Love his guitar play, so much feelings expressed.
  • good gig earlier this year
  • thats what music is about
  • Great song. Weird video, but great song!
  • I heard this song so long ago and never looked for any more of his stuff... now i love every song i hear from him. so good!
  • Saw him perform this on Late Night with Conan years ago, and it hooked me instantly. So simple, so powerful. True beauty
  • goodGoodGood!
  • awesome
  • don't let the darkness eat you up
  • really beautiful.
  • Taking a break to listen to Jose'. Who could keep working when hearing him. God, that's good stuff.
  • will never get tired of this ever
  • what i love about his music is that jose puts me in a different place at a cross road or a dessert his music takes me away and thats whats special about him
  • <3 there goes another heart for you i love this mans music
  • I wish I could put more than one heart next to this song. I LOVE IT.
  • For some reason there a picture of him, and it reminds me of one of those jesus's that you see on the history channel
  • schön
  • There's nothing more to say.
  • First time I heard this song I thought he said "don't let the dark man eat you up" :/
  • awesome song : D
  • he always has this fatalistic atmosphere, but he rarely overdoes the melancholy
  • Yeahhh!
  • One of my favorite songs of all time.
  • i love this song
  • don't let the darkness eat you up
  • went through a nxt phase of constantly repeating this tune when i was owt n abowt
  • i love it
  • Hell yeah!
  • Good tune....
  • love this
  • wonderfull
  • I LOVE the rythm.
  • es un temazo, muy bueno jose
  • нет слов! no words.
  • i lov this ...
  • (: don't let the darkness eat you up
  • luz brilla,el camino me marca gran PAZ, ni dioses ni patrias ni amos,desde dentro nace la fuerza....esa que me guia,que grandes tus canciones, ayudan a sentir tu gran fuerza.
  • no se porque lo prefiero en disco que live....algo faltaba...
  • GREAT!
  • really nice song
  • Dont let the darkness eat u up.
  • Amazing - Hauntingly cool!
  • een van de mooiste nummers ooit van m, samen met killing for love.... sweet


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