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  • Great live show from Dec 6th, 1990 in Chicago now streamable on [url=]Spotify[/url] and [url=]Deezer[/url].
  • John Hiatt ... a favourite singer-songwriter !!! <3
  • I will shout again
  • 95 now..
  • The New album is more Bluesy and still beautiful!
  • Only 93 Shouts......????
  • Tonight on dutch television; Twee meter sessies on Fox tv was great.
  • The Tiki Bar Is Open is also darn good album.
  • Possibly the best "undiscovered" artist of his kind...........
  • Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass dieser Mann nie richtig gewürdigt wurde. Seine Kompositionen, seine Texte sind qualitativ weit über dem was sonst angeboten wird. "Have a Little Faith in Me" ist meiner Meinung nach eine der besten Balladen die je geschrieben wurden. I can not understand that this man has never been fully appreciated. His compositions, his lyrics are qualitatively well above what is otherwise available. "Have a Little Faith in Me" in my opinion is one of the best ballads ever written.
  • awesome!!!
  • So, adios to California...
  • New album is great.
  • Here's to mixed drinks and mixed feelings...
  • This man is the master of irony: the man who wrote Perfectly Good Guitar being the musician most deserving of having his smashed.
  • @ FerociousPanda i guess u referring to the Little village album and yeah it was a disappointment but Hiatt solo has never been a disappointment to me.. always good lyrics and tunes
  • I still can't understand how a collab between 3 of the greatest writers and prob. the greatest session drummer can be so .. mediocre.
  • Great!!!
  • Wow! I just Heard that this guy has a new album on Lucky Oceans..
  • The new album is very good ... the first song doesn't do much for me, but "All The Way Under" and "Detroit Made" are vintage Hiatt, excellent stuff!
  • The new album(Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns) is fantastic! Hiatt just keeps getting better and better with age.
  • Guy's a tremendous songwriter. I've caught him live twice, I think; he's funny and quite a mean player.
  • Just listened to his new album (Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns). Good album... really good.
  • heard him on dawson's creek <3 great man!
  • Magnifico concerto a Milano !!! grandissimo artista
  • The most underrated Hiatt song? Already loved
  • fuckin' great
  • not usually my kind of music but he's an exceptional artist.
  • simply brilliant! [2]
  • is there anyone better?
  • The new album is great.
  • Lovely
  • i#m missing Master of Desaster!
  • I really like this guy.
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Hiatt.
  • "Cry Love" is wonderfully epic! Beyond words!
  • My parents brought me up on this guy, Why isn't he more famous I don't get it?
  • o - & "Bring The Family" is top notch. They tend to stick with you so that you are still having them sung to you hours after you turned off the electronics...
  • @snorty84 Personally, I keep going back to "Slug Line" and "Live at budicon". I can't think of a bad song by him in any album. He is truly one of the most gifted and prolific songwriters in America. Some day, someone is going to notice that.
  • great song.
  • Suuuuuuuuuuuperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice!
  • Someone recommend some of these songs to me so I can know what to listen too
  • this song lets our souls swing...
  • yes, yes he is.
  • John Hiatt, the mans a genius!
  • Its called 'Your Dad Did'.
  • I am trying to find the title of a song by john hiatt. My dad use to listen to him all I can remember of the song is a line in it "just like your daddy did" I would be greatly appreciative if anyone knows that song.
  • where has he been, he is good, or is it me, where have i been? will listen again
  • spot on


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