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  • Avatar di radio_face
    Do you hear what I hear?
    gsöf-hjsFCV_jvccjhjödawzri7aw6r5aidfhgykshjgfcsgysgyxnvjyxcvghs.yjhugfcA.jzusDGHASKBF-wt°jhdas,:GFdqwasHfBYXNcvyx,gfcaksZDgSN>YVC<nbyg vcxg>yah,fdcv>yNBC<V yBC:ADN.Things Will Never Be the Same" I made this vid for my recent facebook group friends: "Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks!" and I must say that I am now a believer. Believe in y... 1 von 1Miniaturbild auswählen Kein MiniaturbildTLWQZUEZD
  • Avatar di wilcifer
    how is he listed as on tour when the bio says he died in 1992
  • Avatar di cool4kids
    it hear like someone throwing toy pianos and drums at a dumb person that's what my opinion
  • Avatar di raum
  • Avatar di grebenshi
    I'm so impatient with critics cage that I want to say - he is music and the rest sucks
  • Avatar di arturomeade
    piano preparado
  • Avatar di gerberdejon
    Aphex twin a du beaucoup écouter John Cage...
  • Avatar di ItsAlreadyTakin
  • Avatar di dzoist

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