• Deep Purple

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    Deep Purple (читается: Дип Пёпл) — британская рок-группа, играющая в жанре , образованная в феврале 1968 года (сначала — под названием Roundabout) и считающаяся одной из самых заметных и влиятельных в «тяжелой музыке» 1970-х годов. Была образована в 1968 году под названием Roundabout. В апреле того же года название было изменено на Deep Purple. Музыкальные критики называют Deep Purple в числе основателей и высоко оценивают их вклад в развитие и (хотя причисление самих Deep Purple к остается спорным) и повлиявшими на всю последующую «тяжелую» музыку. Музыканты «классического» состава Deep Purple (в частности, гитарист Ричи Блэкмор (Ritchie Blackmore), клавишник Джон Лорд (Jon Lord), барабанщик Иэн Пэйс (Ian Paice)) считаются инструменталистами-виртуозами, в особенности гитарист Ritchie Blackmore.

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  • This Day in Music - 3/11

    Mar 11 2008, 12:26 di ThadEnouf

    1947 - Born on this day, Mark Stein, Vanilla Fudge.

    1948 - Born on this day, George Kooymans, Golden Earring.

    1955 - Born on this day, Nina Hagen, German singer, songwriter.

    1961 - Born on this day, Mike Percy, Dead or Alive.

    1961 - Born on this day, Bruce Watson, guitar, Big Country.

    1964 - Born on this day, Vinnie Paul, Pantera.

    1964 - The Beatles spent the day filming at Twickenham Studios for A Hard Day's Night. Filming on a stage set made to look like a train guard's cage, where The Beatles played cards and mimed to ‘I Should Have Known Better’.

    1966 - This week's ITV music show 'Ready Steady Go', was entirely devoted to the music of James Brown.

    1967 - Music publisher, Dick James, announced that 446 different versions of the Paul McCartney song 'Yesterday' had been recorded so far.

    1968 - Born on this day, Lisa Loeb, US singer.

    1968 - The Otis Redding single 'Dock Of The Bay', went gold in the US three months after the singer was killed in a plane crash.
  • This Day in Music - 2/28

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    1942 - Born on this day, Joe South, US singer, songwriter. Worked with Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin.

    1942 - Born on this day, Brian Jones, guitar, Rolling Stones. Jones died on July 3rd 1969 after drowning in his swimming pool under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

    1945 - Born on this day, Ronnie Rosman, Tommy James & The Shondells.

    1952 - Born on this day, Eddie Manion, Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes.

    1957 - Born on this day, Phil Gould, drums, Level 42.

    1957 - Born on this day, Ian Stanley, keyboards, Tears for Fears.

    1957 - Born on this day, Cindy Wilson, The B-52's.

    1964 - The Yardbirds played at the Rhythm and Blues Festival at The Town Hall, Birmingham, England.

    1966 - Born on this day, Ian Brown, vocals, The Stone Roses, Solo.

    1966 - Police were called after over a 100 music fans barricaded themselves inside Liverpool's Cavern Club to protest at the clubs closing. The club had run up debts of over £10,000.

  • Covers vs. Originals

    Gen 22 2006, 20:42 di NotMeGuv

    In my earlier, more naive days, I used to think that I always preferred the original of a song to any cover version. This made me wonder why anyone ever bothered to record a cover.

    Then I began to think that I preferred the version I heard first.

    Now I've come to realise that such simplistic theories are mere folly. Oh, the wisdom of the present (equally naive) time.

    Oh look, I have set out a decidedly weak premise for a list of cover versions with some half-baked comments from me. One can almost taste the inevitability.

    But one last comment before I do. I still wonder why anyone bothers to come out with a cover that's almost identical to the original. Isn't it a waste of everyone's time? If you're going to cover something, add something. Otherwise leave it alone.

    And so to the bit where I really start to waffle.

    Deep Purple made a habit of covering Joe South's Hush over the years, the first Hush appearing on the album Shades of Deep Purple (which doesn't seem to be listed on this fine site). …