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  • Such a lovely song.
  • luv ya harping, joanna! one of my favourite songs... <3 <3 <3
  • I still can't get enough of her music
  • Schönes Ding! Im Moment eindeutig einer meiner Lieblingssongs.
  • Lovely!
  • This is where I fell in love with Joanna.
  • This song is fu$%ing amazing. Love the lyrics.
  • Estoy más que seguro que cuando estaba pequeño, yo escuché esto. Love it.
  • Super - very different voice!! Great song indeed.
  • like
  • the first I song I heard of her back in 2004....loved it at once and do still love it....
  • This song creeps me out.
  • Komisch, aber gefällt mir.
  • <3 absolutely wonderful
  • The line about killing dinner with karate had me teary eyed, but when it reached the point of kicking it in the face, i straight up bawled my eyes out. Sheer poetry....
  • Loving it.....
  • ♥♫¸¸.•(❤‿❤)•.¸¸♫♥
  • Mannered yes, but original.
  • 'I killed my dinner with Karate' Beautiful!
  • i have a hard time with squeaky singers and she is the pinnacle.
  • Läßt ungestillt die Leidenschaft/Und er muß einsam weiterziehn
  • this is so gorgeous!
  • she sings like a forest nymph. i love this song
  • suara nya seperti pacarkuu
  • Watched her twice at ATP a few days back, charming, humble and absolutely brilliant
  • Walnut Whales version is so much better. There's a cockiness in the Milk-Eyed Mender version that I don't like. She's more humble on the original.
  • Ohh her voice brings peace to my heart
  • Well, I think its quite cute.
  • This song is right-on!
  • I love her voice. It's special, its enchanting. Why should all singers sound the same.
  • i want to run through your mind
  • Bizarre; is it her voice that is bad, or is she too mannered?
  • hear a bit of Joni Mitchell in her voice [2]
  • magic
  • Love the melody, lyrics and style, but I don't think I think her voice could be very grating after a while.
  • Considering she is the greatest lyricist of our time, no I do not think she is overrated.
  • Find ich total gut!
  • hear a bit of Joni Mitchell in her voice
  • ¡Qué buena rola! Es hermosa.
  • The Roots sampled this! lol
  • had my head phones on high, ooooh i regret that! But she's not bad, kinda cute and silly music.
  • Overrated = I don't like her. I think she's under-rated.
  • 怎么都是外国人?
  • lol.... I was hopeful up to the point she started singing. Then it was like Alvin and the Chipmonks meet the Munchkins.
  • i've grown to love and understand her music. unbelievable.
  • I never get sick of this song!
  • She is incredibly overrated. However, her vocal contribution on the new Roots album is well done.
  • wonderfull... nothin more to say
  • swagggggg


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