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Have One on Me
Joanna Newsom

Have One on Me

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  • I understand why people could prefer Ys over Have One on Me, but I believe that this is Newsom's best album. Ys' epicness was very in-your-face and Have One on Me is a progression, more subtle and refined. Joanna's songwriting here is way more mature. Also forgot about Baby Birch and Autumn before. If someone says that only the first CD is good, it means that he never really listened to the other two. Not only the best of 2010, but quite possibly the best of after 2000 to this day [2]
  • I don't think Go Long gets nearly enough love [4] Also Kingfisher ftw, two best tracks here
  • "hurts to think the creator of such a beautiful album married the creator of "Jizz in my pants" The creator of "Jizz in My Pants" also made "Dick in a Box" and that one is a bonafide classic, so that evens it out.
  • <333333333333333333333333333
  • not only best of 2010, but quite possibly the best of after 2000 to this day
  • I'm here to use the "m" word: masterpiece.
  • Great, great album. Took me years to listen through all the way.
  • Perfect album for getting desperate Tumblr whores into music.
  • Took me a while to get into but I now think it's perfect.
  • Am I the only one that sees the peacock tail as a giant pickle every time the album comes up?
  • Surprised Kingfisher is so low. It's clearly the best track (._. )
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's interesting to see the the listener distribution on these songs fairly even, indicating that people aren't cherrypicking their favorites, but rather given an equal consideration to all of the songs. I was expecting to see Good Intentions as the most played, and I realize it is mistagged as of 6/2014, but even if you merged it with its correct title it has less plays than '81. Wow. WE NEED A NEW ALBUM JOANNA!
  • thank you.
  • '81 and the irritating Good intentions are easily skippable especially coming after the superb first two tracks.
  • I don't think Go Long gets nearly enough love [3]
  • hurts to think the creator of such a beautiful album married the creator of "Jizz in my pants"
  • Simply perfect.
  • this is still pure perfection, come on Joanna, we need a new album :'(
  • my babe
  • This is a pure peace of heaven. Straight from Joanna's mind, mouth and fingers. My gentle angel, my biggest muse.
  • So delicate.
  • what had she found in the garden of eden? cant hear a shit
  • I don't think Go Long gets nearly enough love [2]
  • This album has no weak or forgettable tracks, it's pretty much perfection.
  • kate bush?
  • @Goomba4001, isn't it funny how we all enjoy music differently? I absolutely LOVE HOOM but those tracks don't really resonate with me. Some songs were really slow growers, like In California (for me). optimistic_tour said it well. They're all good, while some are great.
  • About a week after I posted that below, I got No Prevenance stuck in my head incessantly. The universe punishes anyone who tries to pick best/worst songs from this album. (And, mic180, what? What?!)
  • I don't think Go Long gets nearly enough love
  • hmm, good question. For me it's King Fisher and You, Me, Bess and Have One On Me.
  • if anything is skippable it's only relative to the outstanding quality of the whole batch
  • Which wins the award for most skippable track? No Provenance, or Occident? *dodges rocks*
  • Why are all of her songs so stunningly gorgeous? Not fair, I can't listen to anything else because I have all her songs on repeat and I just can't get enough of her music.
  • The best thing about this album is how fully it inhabits the definition of a "grower." Each listen through, whether a disc at a time or the whole three course meal, deepens and expands the spaces with which to penetrate her art, to get inside and find a place to breathe in the sheer love on display. I don't say this about many albums, but for this it is unequivocally true: after a dozen listens I'm actually wowed even more when I hear these songs. I'm knocked back in awe, lifted by inspiration, and set adrift to dream. Every time, this feeling grows. Every single time. Best of the year or not, it's certainly the deepest and most satisfying album.
  • album of the year. no competition (tied with kanye's IF someone is being that generous)
  • she does it again! :o
  • Album of the year obviously.
  • It's growing on me, but I really don't think it's as good as Ys or The Milk-Eyed Mender.
  • one of the greatest albums of all time [2]
  • One of the greatest albums of all time.
  • How is this not officially entered as a release on
  • I officially heart this album. And prefer it to the more "rigid" Ys...
  • I can't even string words together that would show my love for this album [2]
  • H.U.G.E.
  • I was really unsure if I would like this, considering just how much I loved her two previous records. It seemed at first, Have One On Me would turn out unfocused.. but luckily, it ain't so! At times I think there might even be a concept album (or two) be hidden under the sheer amount of great tracks, loosely connected by themes and motifs. At first I thought this album was about a relationship and how it ends because of the woman losing a baby.. but I think we'll never know... I still like Ys and Milk-eyed Mender slightly better, though! Still... Have One On Me is an instant classic!
  • I also love the symnetry of the album as a whole, as well as how each third of the album works so well on their own too. The stunning piano-chord songs that start and end the album. The long-running second and second-last songs that show her amazing ability to make unusual song structures sound like you've only been listening for a couple minutes. it just keeps coming full circle.
  • is it okay that I adore every fucking song on this thing? I haven't found an actual weak spot. even the ones people might not warm to immediately (and I'm assuming here) like You and Me Bess, Jackrabbits and Autumn are stunning to me. But I really know what, I can't decide whatsoever would be the best track. They all standout? In California does stun me, as well as Go Long. But then there's Have One On Me, and Esme, and Kingfisher. This album is such a classic already to me. It just feels like a mighty work that will remain with me for the remainder of my life. Even already, if I'm not feeling alright with how things are, I really like the fact that I have this album to draw warmth from.
  • disc 3 has the flawless suite of Soft As Chalk (the culmination of every area she'd already succeed in), 'Esme' (a classic for the 2 bars where she sings 'Kindness prevails!' alone) and Autumn (a serious grower). Ribbon Bows blows, but Kingfisher is fucking A, and has some of the best harp action on the album. Does Not Suffice strikes the perfect tone for the end of this epic. Kinda like the title track on [album artist=Laura Nyro]New York Tendaberry[/album]. .......I don't like disc 2 cos its got Go Long on it which goes on too long, and the rest, while good enough, pale in comparison to the stunning quality on disc 1 + 3. Occident is a cracker, though, and it leads in perfectly to 'Soft as Chalk' - which would have made disc 3 even mightier.
  • I miss the intensity & trembling of her voice which fascinated me on Ys. Well, after repeatedly listening to Have One... I can only say that the Ys is the miracle... One of the best records of the past decade. Have One... is OK, very good, but just - that...
  • Interesting take Crustclock. Personally, I feel like "Autumn" really slows Disc 3 down too much. If I were to take my favorite three tracks from Disc 1 (Have One on Me, Good Intentions Paving Company, and Baby Birch) Disc 2 (On a Good Day, You and Me Bess, In California) and Disc 3 (Soft as Chalk, Ribbon Bows, and Kingfisher) and make them into one disc, it'd be a perfect album. For now, it's still a pretty darn fantastic one.


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