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  • sexy as HELL (2)
  • no, no no, no,no,no,no,no, not me, me, me,me, me,me <3
  • sexy as HELL
  • No, no, no, not, me, me, me.
  • fabulosa !!!!!
  • Oh yeah!
  • maravilhosaaa
  • Joan Jett é linda e foda ♥
  • Joan Jett
  • great
  • yup i don't give a fuck
  • Einfach nur gut und nur allzu wahr. <3 ********************** Just as good and all too true. <3
  • love this !
  • I don't give a fuckin' damn 'bout my reputation :-D
  • So me now :-D
  • @evilfoxmulder Hell yeah, man.
  • Yep, Freaks and Geeks!
  • Freaks and Geeks FTW
  • epic
  • I love this :D
  • 'Hello, boys!' :D
  • из фриков и гиков:))... как это было прекрасно!
  • this song reminds me freaks and geeks <3
  • nice, this was in kick-ass my favourite film
  • This fucking song
  • Wasn't it released first on her debut solo album - "Joan Jett"?
  • The best
  • This goes with everything xD
  • BRB, going to go kick some ass to this song.
  • the first time i heard this song it was in Shrek hahahaha lmao. i used to have the soundtrack on cassette but it melted in the sun
  • Stop giving a fuck, life just starts going your way.
  • My new obsession :3
  • mto fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • i love this girl *w*
  • she is awesome!!
  • Just a great classic.
  • She says it all, sweet !!!!!!
  • I can't help but smile every time I hear this song :)
  • No no no no Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • classic.
  • Freaks and Geeks :]
  • If I were to introduce a newbie to her music, I'm sure this will be the track I'll point out, to get them started.
  • Perfect Lyrics! XD
  • Jett wrote this with Kenny Laguna, who produced the album and helped her establish a solo career after her group, The Runaways, broke up. For an interview with Laguna about this song check out

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