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I Jimmy Eat World nascono nel 1993 a Mesa, Arizona, da un'idea del cantante e chitarrista Jim Adkins e del batterista Zach Lind, amici sin dai tempi dell'asilo. Ai due si aggiungono poi il chitarrista Tom Linton e il bassista Mitch Porter. Il nome Jimmy Eat World non si riferisce però al cantante Jim Adkins, anzi, la storia dietro al nome è alquanto bizzarra. I fratelli minori di Tom Linton infatti, Ed e Jimmy, litigavano costantemente durante la loro infanzia… ulteriori informazioni

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  • I don't actually see one hell of a lot of difference between the older and new stuff.
  • Hey, it's fine if you don't like their new stuff, but for those of us who do, it's a blessing they've stayed together as a group waaaay past 2001. [2] Chase This Light is my favorite. Futures is also great and Invented has some solid songs.
  • Definitely. It also tends to mean people are there for the music rather than the scene and that leads to better natured and more enthusiastic audiences.
  • That's pretty cool, actually. Music brings people together
  • I've noticed they always get weird crowds live. They seem to have fans from all sections of society.
  • I remember seeing them at the Bronze nightclub in Sunnydale back in 99, great show. Weird crowd though.
  • Chase This Light is easily as good as Futures!
  • peaked at Futures
  • Discovered their first album today. It's long out of print.
  • Drugs or Me

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