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  • Avatar di benJLP
    yea I can dig this
  • Avatar di golop
    - I'm a king too, I'm a king too - hell no || Too bad, there is no video of Band introduction :/
  • Avatar di Killed-By-Death
  • Avatar di ROttenaPPLE87
    OMG how could I miss such an awesome bootleg. @straineryou Very true! Jimi Hendrix was one of the true experimentalist from the 60s and 70s, and the other such famous experimentalists from that era are Pink Floyd.
  • Avatar di straineryou
    as far as blues guitar is concerned, jimi was too sloppy. king and even clapton are far superior. if you want to talk about pushing the boundaries of the instrument however...that is another story.
  • Avatar di m4x_1337
    just awesome.
  • Avatar di EddieHeinz
    One of my favourite bootlegs =T
  • Avatar di Amoen
    Whoa, they jamed together? Why no one said me about it?! Anyway, it sounds tasteful.
  • Avatar di bryantee
    I love the Hendrix fills. Two different generations of music basically playing the same material in their own style.
  • Avatar di mbatterham
    I know that, but i still had to raise the point.

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