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Jill Scott

Gettin' in the Way (3:32)

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  • wonderful soulful, voice.. much love
  • <3<3
  • Damn I love this Sis-tar!!
  • I thought the vaseline reference is related to the fact that she wants to take off her ring using vaseline as a lubricant, so that she can go out and get another man without the ring indicating that she is already taken.
  • Saw her in Philly during Labor Day weekend. Was blown away by her live performance. True artist!
  • Very similar voice to Erykah Badu´s, but it´s also so smooth^^
  • @mujanb -- vaseline is so anything thrown her way will slip and slide off her then she can dip and dive, jab, jab, KO! Trust Jill knows what she's talking about! LOL!
  • So why does Jill need the Vaseline when she's about the beat the other woman down?
  • Dont get in illy philly Jilly's WAY!!!
  • Love Jill
  • Digs All Jill's Music >>>>>>> I Do !!
  • "Our thing is stronger than any lie you can tell on me...."
  • Lets chill with Jill so, stop "Gettin In The Way" She's Bad and Beautiful!
  • I remember seeing and hearing her music for the first time when this video came out and being completely mesmerized. Her voice, music and sass are winners for me. I haven't stopped being a fan since.
  • I tell you what, thiswas one of the best Albums of ALL TIME!!!!
  • wow you so sexy jill i love you and your musik
  • What a dynamic way for Jill to enter the music scene as a headliner... this track speaks volumes!
  • I hear this song every time I go on holiday.
  • so smooth and cool. her best tune
  • ......... ..... If anyone has a minute please check out my new album April Olatunji - First Steps ....... Blessings
  • real music
  • a throwback...yessah
  • You Better Chill and Back Down!
  • I Love Jill scott , I remember where I was at when I 1st heard this song , I want to go she her live , My sister said when she did it was like nothing she ever heard she saud she sounds even better live. Follow me on twittwer @Bremichel012
  • u gotta love it
  • ok , dont mess Ms Scott ..SUGAR HONEY GIRL,YOU BETTA CHILL
  • jill is hardcore in this song but still soulful love it
  • The most gangsta song, I don't care XD ♥♥
  • she's fantastic!
  • i love this so so much....esp the end.
  • hey...u getting in the way....of what im feeling....i like that
  • Was working and realized I was nodding my head. Like!!
  • nice to hear that finally in my player again. damn, you smooth jill.
  • nice
  • I've had to got there just like Jill. lolol
  • Now that's what im talking about.....of what im feeling.............
  • I love this video. Jill Scott you are amazing...
  • Loved her 1st album & seeing her in concert that same year.... Ultimate Classic!
  • always will and have enjoyed each and everyone of her songs.. all seems like it comes from her heart.What i like most it all has a story behind it.
  • love the lyrics
  • you betta chill.
  • sweet!!!
  • <3
  • shingshingshingshing-shingshingshingshing- shingshingshingshing
  • take my earrings off, get me some vaselineeeeeeeeeee :)
  • Always!
  • Legendary song lol <3
  • I love this song lol.
  • favourite for sure.
  • Dreamalicious....


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