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Move On (5:00)

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  • Wild horses...
  • You should be looking straight ahead.. so true..
  • Beautiful Song, The O.C. Forever..
  • The OC ♥
  • Amazing <3
  • i like this song haha not like anyone cares!:) but this song and "are you gona be my girl?" are their best songs.
  • Best Jet song in my opinion, even if it isn't as well known as some of the others.
  • This is definitely one of their best songs, especially so considering the strength (or lack of) of their back catalogue...
  • I sometimes find myself singing in my head to this song "how I wish, how I wish you were here..." [3]
  • guys... this group is obviously classic rock inspired... pink floyd, the beatles, etc. get over it. i for one am glad to hear people making similar quality music to such historic groups.
  • I sometimes find myself singing in my head to this song "how I wish, how I wish you were here..." [2]
  • yupper, floyd should get some royalties!
  • It does sound like pink floyd all of a sudden
  • hahah, I thought the same about pink floyd too, and I sometimes find myself singing in my head to this song "how I wish, how I wish you were here..."
  • im likeing this... sounds like some tom petty vibe im likeing it.. thought of JET as more of( HELL dont know how to put in words but different) \m/
  • Saw them do this on Chris's birthday, just after they signed the big record deal. Man, Jet sucks these days, but they were happy and awesome (and maybe a little drunk) that night.
  • Pink floyd? xDD nice)
  • Great track....<3
  • one of there best songs <3
  • reminds me of "6th Avenue Heartache" by the Wallflowers...same vibe. Still a good tune regardless. Peace -- I'm out.
  • TUNE
  • Jet Rocks! They just need to have an Australian invasion concert like they did in the 60's with the British invasion concert because a lot of good bands R coming from down under!!!!!!!!
  • yes, I do love this song and ya Pink floyd would be pleased
  • Pink floyd would be pleased at this.
  • This song just puts you in a good mellow mood!
  • Shine on you crazy diamond, oops wrong song, same intro...
  • good roAd song
  • Great band! great song!
  • My Fave Jet song!!
  • totally get the wish you were here too... i was just thinking that. still very very good
  • i couldn't for the life of me tell you why i like this song as much as i do. it's a mystery.
  • great country sound.
  • Surprised there are only a couple of Wish You Were Here references so far - this song rips more from that than anything else "unoriginal" by Jet. Regardless, this is Jet's best and it's pretty goddamn profound, far as indie rock goes, anyway.
  • I love this song from The OC <3
  • HG7
    nnnoooo tampoco... el extremo
  • é magnífica! me lembra muito Wild Horses dos Rolling Stones...
  • Quality song!
  • good one. Like the old good rocks.
  • pra viajar? pra vivir gil.
  • Esta música é pra viajar!
  • yeah!
  • Yay, they mention Flinders street. God I love Melbourne!
  • ooooooooow my god!
  • greeeeeeat...favorite..
  • great
  • grande canzone...ciao!
  • I think it sounds In Rolling Stones style
  • One of my favorite songs not just from Jet but of all time.
  • make me think about wish you were here by pink floyd good track anyway!

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