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Jeff Loomis

Shouting Fire At A Funeral (4:54)

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  • Awesome
  • Awesome song!! :)
  • Makes me want to listen to Nevermore...
  • perfect ;) (2)
  • Loomis kicks ass with steel toes!~
  • jeff loomis is god
  • perfect ;)
  • @dadmompawlyk: Yes, he uses a 7 string.
  • is that 7string??
  • pretty deep name for the trackhow about them hot M+Ms?blue or red
  • I love the chorus.
  • Musically, I prefer Petrucci, but Loomis's technique is just flawless.
  • Loomis is above Petrucci in my opinion. @SatanSoulmate: no, Warrel danes vocals do not detract from Jeff's playing at all, totally disagree with you there.
  • this guy is a god (behind john petrucci and a few others, of course :D)
  • Sick tone and it is not just about bull shit shredding but feeling. He is a fucking bastard!
  • Warrel Dane of Nevermore does not bring down the talent of Jeff at all. Both artists are exceptionally original and complement eachother very well in Nevermore, I mean have you heard River Dragon? Solo, both these guys are incredible, Zero Order Phase and Praises To The War Machine are proof.
  • WOW, JEFF BECK eat your heart out....PEACE
  • I'd love to hear Jeff Loomis collaborate with other great musicians of the era. Pettrucci and Portnoy maybe?
  • Allright, so this is supposed to be my first listen to Loomis... What's with my shout last month then?
  • This guy can wail on the guitar!
  • sick guitarist pitty thatthe guitaring in nevermore isnt up to his great playing his solo music is so much better Nevermores vocals ruin the great music
  • I agree with the mixing thing, great guitar work though...
  • Yup, this one could use some better mixing... Epic stuff, anyway.
  • He's quite the guitarist. I like that he's not totally about shredding.
  • fucking god..........
  • ZOMFG!!!
  • Goddamn this shit is good. Great title too haha.
  • really good stuff, just wish i could play guitar like jeff! XD
  • Really cool stuff, disappointing production, though; lead guitar sinks into the mix...
  • Amazing song.
  • The drumming sucks, my ass. Shut up.
  • very nice!
  • was it written for nevermore? ah, i guess then that's why it's the only non-masturbatory track on the album
  • Good song.???? this?:-)
  • Música nervosa para pessoas sensíveis. Jeff Loomis rules!!!!
  • Nevermore without vocals !!
  • This could have been so much better. The drumming sucks, he should make use of his cymbals. Guitaring is decent, and you can hear this song was originally written for Nevermore.
  • Yes, it is. In fact, this is probably my favorite on the album. Brilliant album at that.
  • Good song.

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