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Jandek è il progetto musicale di un musicista outsider attivo a Houston, in Texas. Dal 1978, Jandek ha pubblicato 60 album autoprodotti di inusuali canzoni folk e blues , spesso emotivamente dissolute, senza fornire alcuna informazione biografica o garantire più di un'intervista occasionale. Jandek suona spesso una sorta di folk-blues altamente idiosincratico e frequentemente atonale, usando spesso accordature aperte e non…

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  • Can I see your clock?
  • It feels like he's been living indoors for a century, and that he's always dying, dying to see the sunlight. But oh, his dying will be literal, his beer will be his tea of loneliness drawn into the sea.
  • Let's get a color photo up top please!
  • Give me cca 13 months and Jandek will be #4 in my charts, and #1 in my heart.
  • v not a bad freak-out at all!!
  • @Rustain how about [url=]this[/url]
  • Jandek has high sinilarity to Dead C, LRD and Fushitsusha but so far i have only came through his lo-fi "folk" stuff. Is there any noisy release from him that i should check out?
  • Keiji Haino's soulmate
  • Does this Jandek dude just want to be Beck or what? What a poser

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