• Musically, 2008 comes to an end

    Dic 29 2008, 22:01 di msiostra

    So, the next year comes to an end. It was a weird year, if it comes to my musical taste. I came back to my old fascinations, I've found some songs I was in love with when I was like about nine years old. It was also a year of my favorite artists' comebacks with brand new LP's, but most of all it was polish year. I found out that polish songs and some polish artists are way better then foreign ones.

    I have to say, that there was way to much CD's to say about each and every one. Because I could say I love equally: Happysad's "Nieprzygoda" (Disadventure [?]), James Morrison's "Songs For You, Truths For Me" (and "Undiscovered" also), Ania's "W spodniach czy w sukience" and much much more.

    What I have to say sorry for is that I haven't found enough time and enough inspiration to write a journal here, though I had several things I could write about. But I'll do my best to sum this year up properly. So...

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