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  • this one rules
  • Immortal!
  • Too funky - was lucky enough to see him live back in 2004 - what a legend!
  • Gotta luv it!!!
  • nothing short of just awesome--RIP James Brown (1933-2006)
  • Apollo Creed's theme. Great episode)
  • Rocky balboa briught me out here. ⛳
  • @ Malkamillian..Intresting choice of words, i don't think i ever heard that saying before..Great Song...
  • APOLLO Creed!!!
  • dun dun dun du-dun AAAOOOWW!
  • Haven't heard this for donkeys. Nice one, Last FM
  • Absolute classic.
  • Rocky IV!
  • lOve.
  • Get on your knies for the Godfather of Soul !!!
  • Hardest working man in the business brings it!
  • Don't stop Mr. Dynamite.
  • Thanks Krissi, I like it
  • tres bon titre
  • OOOH-RAH! Shoot out to Pittsburgh PA. You so funky Mr. Brown R.I.P.
  • YESSSSS----IT'S A GREAT SONG.........
  • i did once :) and it was good fun :)
  • funky
  • I love in AMERICA....go head, Godfather!!
  • Even the most fervent anti american bops along to this song.
  • Emigration?
  • Knock Me OUT!
  • The King Of Soul
  • Happy Birthday America
  • RIP JB and Apollo Creed [2]
  • Atlanta - HEY! Yup, James still got it then. Like chouchou58 said, a bit more pop-ish, but still funky.
  • This song makes me want to live in America. [2] RIP JB and Apollo Creed [2] :{
  • This song makes me want to live in America.
  • uncle james wants you!
  • RIP James - one of his best!! Great movie tune as well (Thx Rocky)
  • lol I just thought of Coming to America
  • RIP JB and Apollo Creed
  • true funk
  • Best part of the bloody film when he comes up from the nether regions!!! What a top showman!!!
  • Poor Apollo.
  • Perhaps more commercial but always high energy!
  • your welcome sam...
  • great song ! and great brass section as usual from james brown! love it............
  • ill dont about da usa we've dropped da ball da !!! but good song jb rip
  • Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out!!!
  • American exceptionalism died with Apollo Creed.
  • Certain artists have an advantage to others:For example,James Brown got the RECIPE!!!


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