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James Blake

Lindisfarne I (2:42)

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  • Linda which I filled the kindle was a summer baby on a horse riding on the kindle dirt shop for me and fruity Cia eggs are you calling donkey boy and I want a bath because I need to hug fruity
  • 10/10
  • forgotten how to perceive? this track is shit
  • just heard this artist and song for the first time ever and nearly died. gonna check more out. i literally froze for two and a half minutes like a dope listerning to this... how
  • soGood
  • The sound of orgasm.
  • I don't like feeling emotions! DAMN YOU BLAKE!
  • robot a capella
  • I think this song is gorgeous.
  • the heavy use of the vocoder reminds me of Imogen Heap's use of a harmonizer in "Hide and Seek". The emotive delivery and poetic lyrics remind me of that song too. Loving it :)
  • totally effing brilliant
  • totally Laurie Anderson (2) "Another Laurie Anderson clone." lol. Yes, we need more of those.
  • Both parts are great and wrk well even though they be separated.
  • This song is pure genius.
  • dat vocoder
  • I actually like Part I far more than Part II, the sparseness of it is absolutely chilling.
  • yeah part I and part II should have been one song. part one just doesn't stand well on it's own
  • ...not here for part I, part II is beautiful!!! (but this is a good lead in)
  • totally Laurie Anderson
  • i dont really care for this. all around too slow and sounds the same on his self titled album, dont hate thats just what i think.
  • "Coupon takes the bus, wanton moral gun..."
  • the video for the song is strange, but i like
  • agree with justinrestivo i thought bon iver when i heard this
  • The first part is a nice Bon Iver homage, but the second part really is sublime.
  • i kinda think this song is really good, but whatever.
  • worst on the album
  • v A truth never better spoken.
  • I really don't understand why everyone has to compare this song to every other song that prominently features a vocoder. Sure, Bon Iver and Imogen Heap did it first, but saying that's it's a ripoff of their songs is like saying that everyone who writes a solo piece for the cello is ripping off Bach.
  • PmF
    Oh wow, a guy fucking around with a vocoder, how awesome is that? The answer is: IT ISN'T.
  • Laurie Anderson > Roy Vedas > Cher > Imogen Heap > James Blah...
  • imogen heap -> bon iver -> james blake yeahhhhhhhhh

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