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  • Sounds a lot like regret. Can be tough to listen to, depending on how much you've lost along the way... [2] Mmm I agree; I can remember listening to this on repeat after my ex told me she was pregnant.
  • A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • A+
  • Gets me every time.
  • humanity
  • All music is open for interpretation. Post-rock even more so. What else is there besides the feeling it gives you?
  • Jakob's music to me has never really been sad or "happy" but more of that melancholic in between feeling..
  • I don't find this depressing at all. I guess it's a matter of perspective and contrast. If you you listen to alternative rock and indie stuff all day then yeah, this is pretty bleak.
  • Although I love this song, I also see it as depressing and don't listen to it that often for that reason. I can see how this song could interpreted only as calm and beautiful -- but imagine if you were sad or depressed and listening to this, I think it would only amplify those feelings.
  • Jakob do have a really dark atmosphere dude, that doesn't mean it can't be uplifting and beautiful at the same time though.

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