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  • Jacob Miller & Ray I - Natty Christmas (1978)
  • coolll
  • Respect
  • So funny that there`s a reggae singer having the same name as I^^
  • ♥♥♥
  • "Deck the halls with lots of collie, tralalalala la la la la."
  • oooh, this is good.
  • Check out "Chapter A Day", wicked underrated classic from Killer Miller.
  • His videos on youtube are so good
  • check out some cool reggae
  • yeah, his voice is incredible --> "Baby I love you so"
  • i like it !!!! is the best vocals of reggae music
  • moses was a dreadlocks original dreadlocks
  • he's a rocker, she's a rocker!
  • R.O.C.K.E.R.S
  • rasta mam vibration positivi jah rastafari
  • I Love your taste of style & spirit. Bless up to the real arts, US!@!
  • jacob!!
  • keep the Fire Burning!!!
  • True legend nough respect!! Jah Live!
  • Where is 'stop them Jah'?
  • All I want for ismas...
  • best part of christmas? jacob miller's christmas album by far
  • regueira de qualidade
  • seems like the tracks from the "other" jacob miller are getting mixed in. can someone write a disambig for the non-reggae jacob miller?
  • REGGAE!!
  • what a voice, it's like jimmy cliff meets big youth
  • one of the best, rest in peace.
  • I am natty
  • why can't we be friends?
  • reggae do melhor!
  • Jacob Miller – Curfew
  • get the non-rasta jacob off this page!
  • When jacob miller comes up on my last fm radio the songs are played at high speed!!!! whats going on???????
  • jacob and augustus are the most rroooottss never hear wow wow wow.
  • For Jah sake
  • Vote for pics !
  • This needs sorting out! Please get this kid his own page and leave the real Jacob Miller alone!
  • Who is the emo dude? Get his lame ass off Jacob Miller's page.
  • Jacob we love you so. Everyday without you Jac is harder than the day before.
  • i don't care for the emo jacob miller.
  • yeah, I think there is a mish-mash... we want reggae Jacob Miller!!!
  • is all these songs by the same jacob miller? i mean like charlie brown's lament is so unlike the reggae songs?'
  • Tenement Yard is the greatest reggae tune ever created.
  • Join the Reggae ca 1974-1984 group if you like this artist!
  • word.
  • Jacob Miller is the shit. That is all.

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