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  • Avatar di dasoverkill
    does he say in the song--I shit like you do ? fuckin hilarious lyrics
  • Avatar di dasoverkill
    jesse is nuts-----good tune
  • Avatar di jjk1928
    this band and bullet boys should have ruled radio! wtf
  • Avatar di stardog31
    PUH POW!!!
  • Avatar di Scotty5150
    I'm a fuckin lumberjack baby!
  • Avatar di Scotty5150
    Love Jackyl!
  • Avatar di pjolliffe
    Great band!
  • Avatar di hotrod1968
    A band that thumbed thier nose at corporate America and said "Fuck You", did things on thier own and are still around 20 years after the debut album!!! More bands should take this stance and the industry wouldn't be so stagnant!!!!!
  • Avatar di wimbo125
    awesome song, gonna listen to Jackyl from this day on
  • Avatar di nursesears5
    rock me roll me Jackyl me off

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