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  • Oh my god he sounds like Jimmy Urine in this, haha.
  • Jacktastic (3)
  • Love it!
  • Jacktastic (2)
  • Jacktastic
  • Really enjoying this track from the record. I'm feeling a more 'bluesed' up version of later White Stripes throughout the whole album.
  • Reminds me of Seven Nation Army [6]
  • zappa? of course, he's everywhere!!
  • What a gift to the world the Blunderbuss album is!!! Thank you Jack!!!
  • Reminds me of Seven Nation Army [5]
  • Reminds me of Seven Nation Army [4]
  • this calls for a spontaneous dance outburst
  • gooddddddddddd
  • I've been watching tons of interviews with Jack, from raconteurs, dead weather, to the most recent, and everything he says affirms. I almost feel reborn a bit hearing him talk in ways that feel so familiar to probably millions of people. Living in China where people are cold and disinterested in each other is a drastic film negative of the kind of thought processes human beings should develop... thanks for pushing yourself jack.
  • @roemilca111: Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking! Regardless, I love Jack White; this guy is awesome!
  • does anyone hear a bit of Zappa in this?
  • On the recording, the frantic drum beat was created by a "tape kick back" thing, if I remember correctly how Jack put it. But since then, his two drummers have figured out how to play it live: because they are both bad ass :D
  • Love the frantic drum beat that compliments the vocal pace
  • Great riff.
  • Jack is the real deal. He is devoted to his music in a non ego fashion.
  • The vocals resemble Jimmy slightly with the vibratos but, in no way is this Jungle Pop Pussy Punk. Jimmy sings about being as offensive as possible to a drum machine and heavy guitar. Jack kind of misses that. Listen to MSI's first album (self titled). That is the closest you'll get to Jack with MSI
  • just noticed how much I like this song
  • so weird :)
  • <3
  • "Early Rush" and "Mindless Self Indulgence"? Wtf are you people listening to?
  • in the words that Bill Murray said "sure" Bill Murray Bill Murray Bill Murray
  • I wish this song was about Alison Mosshart.
  • sounds a little MSI to be honest [2]
  • sounds a little MSI to be honest
  • 'Cut off the bottoms of my feet Make me walk on salt' Great lyric !
  • lovin' the bass riff.............again...............lovin' Jack White radio
  • lovin' this track...lovin' Jack White radio
  • reminds me of Seven Nation Army[2] thanaprom
  • This track has a little "early Rush" vibe going for it.
  • omggg great *_*
  • FODA.
  • <3
  • Fantastic!
  • Sexiest. Falsetto. Ever.
  • Wonderful song *-*
  • Perfection.
  • two jack white songs in a row? Last fm, you are spoiling me.
  • Reminds me of Seven Nation Army too
  • 21 is the number.
  • so so......
  • reminds me of Seven Nation Army
  • The dead weather its all over this track


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