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  • Avatar di ohmylittle
    been listening since 2010. never gets old
  • Avatar di damarys_eira
    I hope they'll release remastered version of all three games on the new consoles. Would be happily playing it for the tenth time every one of them! <3
  • Avatar di bradadad
    This is brilliant. The Illusive Man with his ciggs and space in the background. It's so film noir.
  • Avatar di xikiros
    this song epitomizes the illusive man secret and ambition
  • Avatar di Stefanszz
    One of my faves. Love it.
  • Avatar di siddyburn
    Illusive Man, simply one of the best characters in ME universe.
  • Avatar di Gadzikk
    Every time I listen to this track it makes me want to play Mass Effect 2 again :) [8] Illusive Man - one of my favourite character in ME universe
  • Avatar di LucifereZ
    R.I.P Jack :/
  • Avatar di djriverghost
    love writing to this track
  • Avatar di voyageur_pl
    @ianhalsall: stop staring out of the window and start working.

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