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  • Waking up slow kick ass.
  • One night was about limes yardstick jars of chicken nuggets up the at least it on my phone number of a month that was the first one of the babies in their own human league in
  • The kind I should try when I go to the café with uuuia in Lewisham or eltham
  • This actually says exactly how my day went a few weeks ago. *
  • I actually want banana pancakes now.
  • my jam!
  • never gets old
  • lady, lady love me ‘cause i love to lay here lazy
  • wake up slow,oh wake up slow
  • Happy Birthday you SOB <3
  • take a listen to noxinixon. pretty similar upbeat sound.
  • i must learn how to make banana pancakes :-) This song reminds me of holidays and that i need to improve my cooking!
  • reminds me of an old coworker who played this every week as he got settled in for the day
  • We could close the curtains pretend like there's no world outside. <3
  • wake up slow hmm mm mm wake up slow
  • Kann der bitte mal bei mir zum Frühstück spielen?
  • Banana pancakes are banned in New York.
  • And we could pretend it all the time~~~
  • This song never gets old.
  • yeah well banana panacakes are really good. :D
  • Smooth and tasty!
  • Jack is amazing. Period.
  • this song makes me not want to get up and go to work...
  • no need to go outside... yeah! :_)
  • This song puts me to a good mood :D
  • Thanx rainbowmathDJG for bringing me back to one of the best artists out there :D
  • boooooo
  • ~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~
  • This is the sweetest song i ever heard in my life [2]
  • this is the greatest song in the world and if you disagree you either have no taste or you like it from behind
  • i'm not sure how you can't like this song, its so sweet and chill and lazy:) and banana pancakes are yummy too!
  • Perfect song for today! It is slushing here in Idaho (too warm for snow, too cold for rain)!
  • This is the sweetest song i ever heard in my life
  • Yummy. And Banana Pancakes are alright, too!
  • aint no need to go outside
  • Floripa
  • ?_?
  • sooo lazy :)
  • love this
  • ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥
  • Awesome song.. Love it!!
  • <3
  • luv jack johnson so much <3 defintle one of his best
  • A man played the intro to this song for me, and I fell in love with him :)
  • aint no need to go outside.. aint no need.. aint no need.. lol.. I just love it!!
  • love that song


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