• My Favorite Literature

    Ott 11 2011, 18:22 di mrmichel0927

    -always under construction-

    As literature holds a very special place in my heart, even more so than music (after all, I want to write for a living), I want to share my favorite works of literature with anyone that is interested. Formerly I had a list in the side panel of my page on last.fm, but that was fairly awkward and only inhibited people from quickly scrolling to the bottom of my page.

    Therefore, I am transferring those images here, and also adding some new ones. As I encounter new works of breathtaking prose, I will continue to edit this journal.

    About my literary tastes: they vary, but are rooted in science-fiction. In particular, epic science-fiction, the genre that I primarily want to write in. Epic science-fiction includes but is not limited to tales of sweeping, vast empires; complex, world-shattering religions; strange, alien new worlds; brave, courageous people; bold, innovative technology; and most importantly of all a literary scope that will humble even the most imaginative reader. …
  • Journey To Nowhere

    Ago 8 2010, 21:39 di sonikmh

  • Poets on my Playlist

    Ott 1 2007, 21:41 di Ainurel

    Listening to authors who read their own work can be a disappointment, or a delight. Sometimes you just get surprised (like when you meet a movie star in real life, and he/she looks much smaller than on the silver screen).

    A generous friend (thanks, 2Serenity! ;)) supplied me with an audio collection of African-American poets, including Harlem renaissance star Langston Hughes. I was certainly surprised by his "ordinary" voice, the very antithesis of drama, although his poetry dealt with very painful and deep-felt themes. In the beginning, he sounded a bit distant, even slightly ironic (or just absent-minded?). Now his voice has somehow grown on me. However, the streamed samples here of The Weary Blues, Negro and My People reveal a different voice, more trained and typical of dramatic recital. A closer examination of the album DREAMER: A PORTRAIT OF LANGSTON HUGHES (where the streamed tracks appear) makes me suspect that the tracks have been mistagged... (see the Amazon page for the same album)

    Uh! I hates a lyin' Gypsy
    Will take good money from you,
    Tell you pretty stories
    And take your money from you--

    But if I was a Gypsy
    I would take your money, too.

  • Ainur Music

    Ago 20 2007, 23:18 di Ainurel

    Ainur is an unusual name, but not too unusual in a global perspective. It is a Turkic name in use throughout Russia and Central Asia, as well as in Turkey (spelled Aynur) and many other countries (including Finland and Sweden ^^). It is also a word from J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology, meaning godlike or angelic creatures (in the singular, Ainu). The Silmarillion, which I devoured with nerdy enthusiasm in my teens, begins with the creation of Middle-earth, which is orchestrated, as it were, with the "Music of the Ainur".

    Google brings up a lot of Tolkien-related material on the search for "ainur", but what about YouTube? My first delightful find was this clip from the Kazakhstan Superstar TV show, with pretty idol candidate Ainur Nazarbekova (Айнур Назарбекова):


    And don't come and say there's an uncanny resemblance, I've heard the same about Björk a long time ago.
    Next is the rehearsal of some South American metal band called Ainur:
  • What I Should Listen To

    Mag 24 2007, 1:43 di Leviel

    Yay! Cool tools to track my listening habits, whoot! Such as the nifty new "
    " in my user profile - I check it each week, so it's nice to have an average with which to compare stats. Plus:

    My eclectic score is currently
    This is calculated by taking my top 20 artists. For each of these artists, the top 5 similar artists are collected. The resulting number of unique artists is my eclectic score. Since my score is larger than 80, I have an eclectic musical preference.

    The 87 related artists for my profile are Ace Troubleshooter, Akeboshi, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Arch Enemy (2), Ashton Nyte, Ashton Nyte and the Accused (2), Audio Adrenaline (2), Beatsteaks, Bloodgood, Bob Dylan (2), C. S. Lewis, Children of Bodom (2), Chris Chameleon, Clint Mansell, Dark Tranquillity (3), DC Talk