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  • Avatar di LizdeSade
    Sooooooo much love, Shojo Tsubaki tracks fucking rules <3 He's amazing.
  • Avatar di ScepSpec
    proto-zeuhl, haha... this breaks me to help egg the guyshell
  • Avatar di Nakkinak
    soundtrack for Pastoral Hide and Seek is sick
  • Avatar di Nakkinak
    this guy helps me to break the eggshell
  • Avatar di ValentinE_28
    This guy is a compulsive tagger's worst nightmare [3] Indeed!
  • Avatar di kouta55
    so many different pages for this artist... dont know how to tag
  • Avatar di iconan
    J.A. Seazer - Kokkyou Junreika (1973) - Powerful, sometimes screamy, Japanese psychedelic, full of tension and drama, with depart from national folk tradition. Combination of fuzz guitars, big ritual drums, metallic temple gongs and hammond organ makes wonderful atmosphere. -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Avatar di yhwh6666
    Julious Arnest Cesar
  • Avatar di lter__Impius
    Any of you knows the name of the ending song of "Farewell to the Ark"?
  • Avatar di HagiaSophia
    I was searching for his music before knowing his name or any names associated with him and his work...

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