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  • for rainy days in your heart :~~~~
  • riceboy sleeps is everything
  • I need a new album so badly. [3]
  • I know this is pretty shameless self-promotion, but if you're into ambient/soundscapes/etc., you might like my new release, Summer Ghosts. It's ambient music inspired by amazing talents like Sigur Rós, Jonsí & Alex, Brian Eno, Tycho, and more, so check it out if you'd like! You can find both of my releases at Have a good one.
  • Cover of the Jonsi & Alex track "Indian Summer" :
  • I need a new album so badly. [2]
  • Great discovery!
  • I need a new album so badly
  • Норм.
  • Hlýja sól og hlýja hjörtu
  • Like a deep,perfect harmony. Perfect resonance. <3
  • French ambient/postrock influenced by Jonsi And Alex :
  • neckermanncj, Sigur Ros is Kjartan, and he has already given up a band.
  • Daniell in the Sea is heavenly.
  • i think jonsi should give up sigur ros and continue working with alex [2]
  • I totally agree with SigurBoss ...
  • Босс, тебе на солнце голову напекло?
  • @SigurBoss lmao you're kidding
  • Wonderful guys ... I am a french musician, and they are one of my main influences. PS : You can listen to a track of my new record "By The Third Sea" on . Takk ...
  • turn off the light, play Riceboy Sleeps, curl up in bed (3) <333
  • @LukarioXO the line between ambient and post-rock is incredibly thin
  • Join Us!
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • turn off the light, play Riceboy Sleeps, curl up in bed (2) Lovely, lovely music :)
  • From Sigur Ros's Reddit Q&A session last night when someone asked if Jonsi planned on doing another record with Alex: "yeah it would be fun to do another jonsi and alex album ... we are throwing around some ideas in the kitchen between courses ..."
  • The post-rock tag tends to be heavily misused.
  • Why is this tagged as post-rock? There's nothing post-rock about them. Just because Sigur Rós is post-rock, doesn't mean everything Jónsi touches is post-rock, too. Regardless, Riceboy Sleeps is an amazing album. Jónsi's one of my favorite artists of this century.
  • well @pulsars both musicians are actually gay. But still, should we care about that if the music they make is good?
  • Chapter Three <3
  • album sounds kinda gay
  • New [url=]Good Weather For An Airstrike[/url] album "Lights" now available via bandcamp -
  • new album please[2]
  • new album please =)
  • beautifully innovative in so many arts. love prevails!!!
  • wtf happines?
  • amazing
  • Void_Song, you are obviously a cardinal idiot, you should stick yourself into your ass and stay there quiet, then the world would be a better place
  • "FAGGOTS" says boy who listen to Offspring. this is most hilarious shoutbox on whole!
  • turn off the light, play Riceboy Sleeps, curl up in bed
  • Queria ser adotado por eles rsrsrs
  • true love
  • la verdad
  • ustycream.. You're the only fag in here, mister. Go listen to your faggy Indie shit.
  • This is...speechless.


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