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  • \\,,\\ omg why is this sO good
  • Not overplayed enough you mean.
  • This song / band are overplayed. Unfortunately.
  • Reminds me Joy Division [2]
  • I still think this song is about his penis. Which is not a complaint.
  • One of the most elegant bass lines ever written.
  • Carlos D- FTW!
  • Good song
  • albums full of great tracks by interpol
  • oh god the bass
  • my favourite
  • A band that always gets me rocking out... alone... in the truck... and getting caught and not giving a shit! Great band...
  • holy shit, unknown pleasures all the way
  • Reminds me Joy Division. yay :D
  • "I heard a friend singing "congratulations" as the chorus once. " HAHA. That's a great misheard lyric actually :)
  • @Kjartad Wow. I thought that's what he said.
  • is this a great song, or what?
  • Was epic live [2]
  • Was epic live.
  • combat
  • salacious
  • removal
  • i can't believe how much i LOVE this song.
  • да
  • Best song on the album.
  • frakkin great
  • My true loveable song!
  • How cool is 3.17, where it kicks back in?! One on Interpol's best and as someone said below, addictive.
  • stunning!!
  • Good song...
  • Everything in this song just works so well. Favourite.
  • Tons of tricks and fragments of this song are "carbon copies" of Dreams Of Pleasure by Siglo XX (1983). Siglo XX were an unjustly underrated post-punk/coldwave band from Belgium. They were active from 1980 to 1989.
  • What a great friggin tune.
  • All round great song
  • I had this on whilst playing Final Fantasy 9 a while back, now all I can imagine is Vivi bouncing up and down to the beat.
  • best track on Antics. I said best track on Antics
  • Carlos owns this song
  • Carlos is one amazing lead bassist.
  • Carlos digs into this like a piece of earth-moving equipment.
  • I literally cannot stop listening to this song recently. It's addictive
  • AMAZING track =]
  • ridiculously addictive. i have been singing "combaaaaaaaaaat salaciousssssssss removaaaaaaaal" for weeks.
  • love the choppy guitar during the solo, fucking awesome.
  • Duran duran . Fucking beautiful song, well dancey
  • First i hated this song but now i think it is one of their greatest!
  • I really like every version of this song I have found, (Antics, Fog vs. Mould, iTunes Exclusive) great song.
  • indeed, the basslines kick ass.


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