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  • Avatar di diamond_tough
    You kinda have to admit that hardcore hit a rut after the late 90's,-early 00's so that below statement (them being the last great hardcore band) might not be too far off... Still good hxc bands but few and very far between now-a-days
  • Avatar di Verver_terl
    Anyone who throws yoghurt at Earth Crisis is cool in my book [2]
  • Avatar di substancex
    It's so funny how supposedly openminded people can still be closeminded in so many ways. Back in the late 90s, I saw all the douchey punk/hardcore scenesters ridicule Ink and Dagger the same way that punk rock was originally ridiculed by idiots back in the 70s. Sean was really on to something, but all the punk rock hipster fags just made fun of him for being a gothcore prick or whatever. It's no accident that a fucked up genius like Eric Wareheim was involved in this band.
  • Avatar di substancex
    The self titled was way ahead of its time. It predicted a lot of the fucked up psychedelic/shoegaze/stoner influences that a lot of heavy bands have incorporated into their sound in recent years. But fuck calling Ink and Dagger the only good hardcore band - there's tons of great hardcore out there right now. Online file sharing has created a bunch of mutant forms of hardcore that never would've existed before the internet made underground art instantly accessible for everyone. It's a great time to be a music fan.
  • Avatar di gazflex
    People who say 'they were the last good hardcore band'...Fuck that, the only good hardcore band, maybe throw Botch in there too. Went way beyond the scope that most shitty mosh core bands stick to, RIP Sean McCabe.
  • Avatar di roterkobold
  • Avatar di Treason_is_bad
  • Avatar di Thelastnameleft
    Can we just talk about how Eric from Tim & Eric was the bass player for this band
  • Avatar di substancex
    This band got a lot of flak for the goth image and the pretentious attitude, but they were really good. I saw them live in 99 - the stage was pitch black and Sean was jumping around like crazy under a strobe light, creating a cool effect. "The Fine Art of Original Sin" and their self titled are two of my favorite hc records from that era..
  • Avatar di Treason_is_bad
    Anyone who throws yoghurt at Earth Crisis is cool in my book.

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