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Inception: Music from the Motion Picture è la colonna sonora del film Inception diretto, scritto e prodotto da Christopher Nolan nel 2010.
Il disco è stato composto da Hans Zimmer che con questo album è alla terza collaborazione con il regista britannico dopo aver lavorato con lui alla realizzazione della colonna sonora di Batman Begins (2005) e de Il cavaliere oscuro (2008) ed è stato pubblicato il 13 luglio del 2010.
Nel 2011…

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  • come to brazil
  • "a band within a band" I lol'd. But yeah the single is pretty sick, I'll be on the look out for their new full-length
  • i cant wait for the upcoming full-length album, Prisoners.. Here's the single they have released:
  • I used to have speakers until I found this.
  • It's a band within a band
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  • shit production but still good
  • Should this be tagged as 'experimental noise' or is there just something horribly wrong with the production?
  • Lets go deeper...
  • If this was a band before the movie, it was a band. First come first serve. Fame is not an excuse for blunt subjugation. I'll admit I am here because I was looking for the soundtrack by Zimmer, but still. Maybe instead of complaining about the lack of a picture related to the film, you people could FIX YOUR TAGS. Hans Zimmer deserves credit for his work. Stop trying to oversimplify the world. Inception is a movie, Star Wars is a movie, and Shrek the Third is a f@cking movie! The artist behind the music from the film Inception is Hans Zimmer, so the artist tag in your iTunes or WMP libraries should say Hans Zimmer. End of story. None of this stupid bullsh!t. I'm at fault too because I'm here in the first place, but you people need to FIX YOUR TAGS. If anyone disagrees with me, fine. But don't come complaining to me because I already know people are going to disagree with me. It is inevitable.

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