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  • wonderful music!
  • love this rockabilly! 😻
  • I love her Irish accent !
  • If you have/would like to have sideburns or admire men with SIDEBURNS, join, please:
  • Новый альбом просто улет.
  • It's Good To Be Alive awesome <3
  • Powerful woman. Awesome voice.
  • Her new single.
  • Imelda May had a wonderful concert at the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival. REVIEW and PHOTOS!
  • Потрясающий голос, очень понравились песни! =)
  • cool cool cool
  • I need to see her live. She is great.
  • Wonderful woman...
  • Guys, I'm in a really desperate search for new music! If you happen to have a free minute and a couple of bands to suggest, please drop me a shout. Thanks!
  • Какая музыка, какой голос! Аррр, шикарна *_*
  • johnny got a boom boom.. its good :)
  • Голос просто божественен!)
  • grande!
  • aaaaw she is amazing
  • sexy lips,sexy hips,sexy voice ;) [2]
  • Just found out about you your amazing
  • ♥ Imelda May's version of "Walking After Midnight" ~ damn sexy ~
  • Шикардос)
  • Huge Fans!!!
  • Cause he's my big, bad, handsome man yeah He's got me at the palm of his hand He's the Devil Divine, I'm so glad that he's mine Cause he's my big, bad, handsome man ♫
  • 爱死了♥
  • sexy lips,sexy hips,sexy voice ;)
  • any news about her baby yet? :)
  • Road Runner. ♥
  • i was looking for Norwegian black metal band Mayhem's videos on youtube
  • The epitome of gorgeousness.
  • i love her songs!!
  • Баба-огонь)))
  • hermosa ella y su musica!!!
  • Watcha Gonna Do is super heavy I'd love her to do more in that style
  • inside out <3
  • Great!
  • Knock 123 <3
  • She is really Boom-Boom-Hot-Rockabilly-Girl !!!
  • Great Gig at Bexhil .......Big Thanks !!
  • gREATTTTT.....
  • Artistas similares: Devil Doll. XDDDDDDD
  • Come to Mexico jejeje¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • Come to Brazil, please! [6]
  • @SailorJerry_Gal : Really?well maybe she's just a slut :3
  • Presents: Imelda May
  • Come to Brazil, please! [4]
  • Come to Brazil, please! [3]
  • Love her but she is quite rude. Completely blanked the girls waiting stage door at the Royal Albert Hall yet had plenty of time for the boys. smh


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