• Anyone have input on any of the following bands they care to share? good or bad?

    Nov 20 2005, 2:18 di p090

    So I have had a stack of discs forever with a bunch of bands I've never either, cared about, heard of, or listened to. It can be very grating to endure the effort of opening a case, turning on the stereo and playing a disc, when you sit there for 20 minutes or more to determine if something just flat out sucks. So I've never really bothered to go through the discs.

    Today I decided to begin doing some research via allmusic and this site. Let me tell you that the similar bands (when applicable) between the two sites are hardly similar.. Interesting stuff.

    I dumped off a bunch of stuff today by Switched, Robert Stewart, Twisted Method, D12, Dropline, and Closure. I threw in $2.36 and came home with Calla- Televise, and The Sundays- Blind.

    I consider that a win. I never listened once to any of those other discs and based on various things, probably never really would want to. Which brings me to the next phase of this ever informative post... …