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  • Avatar di DarkestVisions
    Hey my Love!!! I just step by to give you a million kisses before i go to bed now, see you in 17 hours on icq and in 32 days at the airport!!!!!!!! TE AMO MI DULCHE CHICA!!!!!
  • Avatar di Fann_Arima
    And you are the cutest and sweetest boy on earth for me :-*... I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! Now and forever Yours..... Tu chica ;).. Du bist das beste mein liebe ;)
  • Avatar di DarkestVisions
    Hey my Love!!! I just step by to tell you that you are the most beautyful, cutest and sweetest girl in the world!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MI CHICA!!
  • Avatar di Fann_Arima
    Really my Sweet Love? well guess?? I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! ;-))
  • Avatar di DarkestVisions
    Hey my Love, i just wanted to let you a big i love you here, so look.........I LOVE YOU....... ;-)
  • Avatar di Fann_Arima
    Together we are gonna change our world my love!!
  • Avatar di Fann_Arima
    Thank you so much for upload the song my Love! I can't wait till weekend! I LOVE YOU TOO! Ohh I'm on My way to make the spanish wiki and look at your Darkestvisions supportes club ;D You are the best my love!
  • Avatar di Fann_Arima
    Hehehe Thanks my dear Lisa! And I want so badly to hear you too! :D Love ya kitty!
  • Avatar di DarkestVisions
    Hey my Love!! I uploaded the remastered Version. LastFM did some changes, so now all songs are only to hear as preview on the artistsites. You can only hear it full in the radiostations. I ll show you on weekend^^. I LOVE YOU
  • Avatar di Lady_Elisabetha
    yeah, i love your voice, greetings from your friend!!

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