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  • Avatar di Angry007Jew
    Try to download the vinyl rips at rutracker, this album with FDR (full dynamic range, about 12) is AWESOME, that's how to should sound a disc. The problem isn't the production nor the engineering, is the mastering.
  • Avatar di link-leonhart
    @I-_ oooh, so that explain the horrible production of a mp3 i downloaded..
  • Avatar di ManiacSC2
    This album is pure Anthem to the Hate!
  • Avatar di versionfiv
    lastfmers and illegal downloads!? never!
  • Avatar di l-_
    Hey, this is probably some useful info for everyone complaining about the loud mastering. Long story short: The illegal downloads (or atleast some of them) you find on the internet are waaay more clipped/wrecked than the actually cd version is. People spreading music on the internet often have no idea what the fuck they are doing. So these versions are basicly like the cd version but boosted BY THREE FUCKING DB! This is a comparison between both: I don't know exactly what sources/mediums are affected. I can only speak for 2 or 3 illegal downloads (I didnt feel like trying more) and my cd version. The better sounding version is still pretty fucked up but not that obviously clipping all the time. btw: abducted >>>>>>>>>>>>> virus XD
  • Avatar di versionfiv
    still the best modern death metal album.
  • Avatar di Damianek666XD
    Te stwory wyglądają jak Chimery z Resistance o.O
  • Avatar di DiaboliVirtus
    Their Best Album !!!!
  • Avatar di MikeySchenker
    What can I say, fucking great album!
  • Avatar di Niler88
    love this

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