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Gli Hocico sono un gruppo EBM messicano composto dai cugini Erk Aicrag e Racso Agroyam. La band fu fondata ufficialmente nel 1993 da Erik Garcia (nome d'arte Erk Aicrag, testi e voce) e Oscar Mayorga (nome d'arte Racso Agroyam, sintetizzatori e programmazione), ma entrambi hanno avuto a che fare con la scena Elettro-Industrial, EBM da quando erano quindicenni. La loro musica può essere descritta come un'aggressiva,…

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  • Ofensor, from new album \m/
  • Still, I am amazed by Hocico's ability to create fascinating, atmospheric soundscapes in the ambient tracks, and then their inability to transfer any of that into the "main" tracks. Wish all of their songs would be as groovy and atmospheric as "Spirals of Time" was.
  • I didn't say all of the new stuff sucks... Or maybe I did, didn't mean it. They're not back, but I'm not really happy with the direction they took since Ultimo Minuto. Also, I just finished listening to the new album and it's a damn good listen. Doesn't get as good as Memorias Atras or Tiempos De Furia did at times, but it's definetly very even in quality with very little filler - And almost all of the songs are surprisingly good. Didn't blow me away, but I was very, very pleasantly surprised, and I really did like a lot a few of the songs.
  • Borreh, now you are exaggerating. They are not as good as they used to be but every album still has some great new songs.
  • "Ofensor" Release date November 27, 2015
  • It pains me to say that everything I heard so far from the new album (both singles and track previews at iTunes) sounds simply uninspired and dull. I love Hocico and it is sad they seem to chase their own tail, loose their edge and fall into typical aggrotech/harsh EBM cliches (the amount of cheesy over-the-top horror sounds on the new tracks is staggering).
  • Muy bueno el nuevo sencillo con Remixes de Forgotten Tears, especialmente los de Jäger 90 y Leæther Strip
  • brilliant
  • tipinizi izdirabinizi sikim men sizin

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