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Gli Highland Glory sono una band power metal norvegese nata nel 2001 dai membri dei Phoenix Rizing.

Furono una delle prime band power metal in Norvegia, essendo originari della città di Rælingen. Nel 2007 il vocalist Jan T. Grefstad lasciò il gruppo e venne in seguito sostituito nel gennaio del 2008 da Trine Elise Johansen.


* Trine Elise Johansen - voce
* Jack-Roger Olsen - chitarra, voce addizionale
* Lars Andrè…

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  • Appears half the band has left... hope its not too long before replacements are found.
  • Стандартный павер, но вроде ниче так. Оформителя и впрямь надо убить((
  • Ничего так. Но убейте их фотографа и оформителя., пожалуйста:D
  • Nothing wrong with the new album. No, its not as good as the first two but its still an enjoyable album with some good songs. I'm not disappointed at all. Highland Glory remain one of my favourite power metal bands.
  • the new stuff just doesn't compare to FtCttB or FE. I guess I'll stick with Saint Deamon and the first 2 then.
  • As I far as I am concerned....the band has been "RUINED" by the change of vocalist.....itsa shame indeed,,,as theres no comparison...I absolutely loved the 2 albums "forever endeavour" and "cradle to the grave"....liked every single track....but i would say the ones that were very outstanding are...the epic...from the cradle to the brave, and the little "slinky" spirit of salvation.....should have kept it like that guys :(
  • I have the same view too.... " VERY DISSAPOINTED INDEED "no where near as good as the other 2 //// I;m not a lover of femail vocalists in powermetal anyways, at the best of times......only really in Gothic stuff..where they really fit the part,,,,but in all honesty, ~ and in my personal opppinion Powermetal vocalists should be left to those "high edged longhaired guys".....(see my blog) so Im afraid to say ~ that one is a MISS...
  • new release is dissapointing, i'll stay with the first two albums
  • great band
  • they didn't get rid of him, he left. And no one on here has even heard the woman probably, at least listen to their next album before passing judgment.

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