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High on Fire

Snakes for the Divine (8:21)

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  • Sainttodd has Ricki Martin in his charts. This is not music for people who listen to Ricki Martin. This has three balls. [2]
  • I love HOF, but for me 'Snakes...' doesn't really take off until about 5 songs in. Great opener though.
  • \m/
  • among their best songs
  • Utterly epic. Best HoF album opener and that's not to take anything away from the others.
  • bring on High Voltage Festival!!!
  • Loving bass line
  • Freakin' awesome. I am out of words...
  • qué temazooooo diox! la única cara que me sale cuando lo oigo es >.<
  • Oh man, that riff is fucking epic.
  • matt pike made love to me with this song and never called back
  • Main riff is stunning.
  • Sainttodd has Ricki Martin in his charts. This is not music for people who listen to Ricki Martin. This has three balls.
  • Hadn't heard these guys before. My friend lent me this album the other day and said I'd like it. WoW, was he right! This album kicked my ass ten times over! I love these full, heavy riffs; It's pure power! I crave more, definitely going to have to check into their earlier stuff.
  • i like this song. its petty good. i keep singing it to myslef. rise up, fall down, rise up, RISE UP TONITE!
  • Sigh... I sat through four minutes of this crap to hear the solo. I wasn't disappointed, the solo was as weak as the rest of the song.
  • @nolbot: you aren't insanse, I can hear it as well. This is my first listen through of the album, and if the rest is up to the standard of this track, then it is going to amazing.
  • When the chorus of this song plays is the intro riff buried under everything or am I absolutely insane?
  • Holy fuck yeah!!!! The hessians are back! Makes me want to fucking KILLL
  • fucking wooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Whoa!
  • Badass opener... badass album... AWESOME
  • Good shit.
  • Ten thousand years are left behind, rise up... fall down.
  • \m/
  • Yes! This is it !!!
  • good song, but the opening riff is a bit too fruity for my taste. Sounds like something from a power metal band.
  • GAH!!! So good!
  • Sets the tone for the rest of the album, killer opening!
  • Sexytime! This is a very, very good opener.
  • Best since Devilution.
  • FUck YEAH!!
  • <3
  • Ears fell off


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