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    Lug 17 2009, 18:02 di Velvet_Myx

    So I am quite bored at times, and this is how I deal with it now. I also suck at reviewing albums, so go fall on a sword if you don't like my style. Also the albums chosen to be reviewed are pretty randomly selected.

    Techno Animal - Brotherhood of tomb
    The name might suggest some sort of indie rock band who think they got clever names, but instead it's something else. It's...Distorted Rap! It has the "noise" tag and all that on the last.fm page. Anyway, it's pretty bad because most of the tracks are instrumental, and they sound kinda like if Frank Klepacki would do a rap oriented soundtrack to a game. People who like Dälek might be interested in this. Nothing special though.

    October Falls - Sarastus
    Okay, so it's acoustic guitar being played in a folky way. It doesn't sound like a cool concept, but it's actually rather nice. Makes you think of summer and forests. October Falls have a black metal tag on their last.fm page, so their other stuff (or related) might be black metal, but this is the only album I've heard.