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Our Love Is Heavenly (3:30)

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  • Haha, this song is so adorable and yet so mean. <3
  • indeed! so good.
  • so good
  • I really like this song. So nineties!!!!!
  • Haha I find it funny that the slide show shows BOTH Heavenly groups. I had a weird moment of scrolling up and thinking the frontwoman had had an unflattering makeover.
  • Love this so much.
  • Heavenly (metal version) is so called "power metal" which is very different to the stereotyped view of metal. To describe power metal I'd say there's two types. First the type of power metal in which they mostly sing about fantasy themes and "epic stuff" while using heavy harmonising + choirs (note that coarse vocals or "deathgrunts" are not used), or in my terms a bit mono toned in length. Then there's this type of power metal which is more of a genre where the artists try to keep a rather high level of musical quality (in terms of composition) compared to most genres. Because of that most of the headbangers (those who listens to the heavier and coarser styles of metal), and many others, tends to say that this genre is rather queer when it's more of a matter in what you're after when listening to music. Personally I love this group (yet again, the metal version) because they have very interesting tunes and a specific sort of feel to their songs.
  • @kg2x Seriously! What kind of metal band name is "Heavenly"? Metal bands are supposed to have tough bad-ass names. Like Slayer, or Morbid Angel, or Impaled Beyond All Reason.
  • If this song doesn't make you sigh w/ happiness, you have no soul.
  • I like this Heavenly. If someone would care to explain the whole metal Heavenly to me would rule.
  • OH YES, it's heavenly.
  • <3 this to death

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