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For the Masses

For the Masses

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  • луууууучший ^^
  • Понравился
  • best album ever.
  • wow
  • наикрутейший альбом)
  • at first i thought MFAAC was 1,000,000x better, but FTM is really, really growing on me and now i have to say i love both
  • I like the music, noisia's production is sick, but the lyrics are just inane. The first album really captured the mood of partying, living on the edge, and in general was just a good exploration of the social dimension in a young person's life. FTM is just glib one liners that sound like the impromptu things DJs shout at clubs . I don't mind a bit of that, M.A.D. and bombshock work well, the flow is still excellent, but there's something missing compared to the first album.
  • MFAAC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FTM
  • Golden Gods ;p
  • Get fucked. Get fucked uuuup!
  • I can't get enough of this album. I love every song.
  • Massive!
  • @karnen For the asses [2]
  • cool joke, bro.
  • For the Asses.
  • One of the best electronic albums I've ever heard.
  • I adore this album.
  • more agresive than MFAAC i like that (;
  • i'm very open minded when it comes to evolvement considering bands, but i just can't get into this one. i really loved their earlier releases. i actually went out and bought this record, and i really hate to say it, but it was a waste of money (at least to me, my opinion, so don't be a fucking bitch about it). there is not one song, that does anything to me like their previous works. i mean, if you listen to "liquid lives", or get "smashed gate crash" which reflect how excessive how one can be, or the quiet deeper songs like "wait for you", they can really reflect a part of our lives, as cheesy it may sound. this album however, (like i i said, MY OPINION) is boring, lyrically and when it comes to the music. i'm not comparing this to MFAAC or the mixtape, but i really hope that a) either this one grows on me (which won't propably happen) or b) most likely, their next one will be better. still a great band tough.
  • love this album SOOOOO F*CKING MUCH
  • Muy buen disco. Buenos bits, siempre acompañados con voz.. Nada que envidiar a Prodigy. En directo deben ser brutales.
  • I'm not going to say one album is better than the other, but I prefer MFAAC.
  • Wasn't too sure about this album when I first heard it because it was so different to MFAAC, but it's really grown on me and now I love it!
  • "sounds like prodigy, only a little catchier." wtf?!
  • 'Turn The Lights Out' and 'M.A.D' lol. fail.
  • Why do you keep comparing FTM to MFAAC? They're so different, ffs. I love both to death, kthx.
  • erste album war besser ..
  • wtf
  • шикарен, чёрт возьми!
  • I'm really disappointed in this album. Music for an Accelerated Culture was SO much better. The different songs on that album varied which is why I loved ALL the songs on it. For The Masses has really disappointed me because all of the songs sound the same. I got bored really easily and it's a complete downfall for Hadouken because I thought this album would've been amazing and better than before. Unfortunately it hasn't, and the only songs I like are 'Turn The Lights Out' and 'M.A.D' - but even then, I'm not really interested in them songs that much either. I still love Hadouken though, and i'll carry on listening to Music for an Accerlerated Culture :-)
  • sounds like prodigy, only a little catchier. awwwwesome.
  • None of their albums are good, it's the EP's and demo's that are the best Hadouken!
  • самый!!!!
  • I like the cover :D
  • FAIL
  • fact: auto-tune ruined this album. i hate it, reminds me bullshit like t-pain or kanye west. fuck that.
  • just don't expect a new MFAAC and you will be just fine. Cause it is good! Really, I like it a lot! It just isn't the same, and I'm glad it isn't
  • Boring, MFAAC better.
  • perfectionn<3
  • Every track of this album is eargasmic. You can call that a feat can't ya? :P
  • new album got more fucking pop songs. but there's still much powerrrrrrrrrrr
  • it's different, but hadouken! is still fucking good.
  • awesome!
  • Качает больше, чем первый - однозначно.
  • Loving this album.
  • Got it!!!! very different sound but still "in your face" like the first..........gota say im liking it very much!
  • It's finaly out!


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