• It's All A Bunch of Devil Shit: Jason's Take On Music

    Nov 24 2009, 20:23 di discobeef

    I work three jobs -one as a clerk at a comic book shop. My boss, Jason is a borderline conspiracy theorist who refuses to reveal his last name or age, but likes to tell me about how back in the day he was hip to Black Flag, The Plasmatics and The Vibrators but he'll also regrettably admit being into Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and other "simp shit" that he's supposedly forgotten after years and years of substance abuse.
    When I work in the back storeroom I listen to music, and Jason usually has something odd to say it. Despite not knowing his age, it's obvious he's grown a little ornery over the years and the music I like "doesn't make any fucking sense" to him.

    Here's a working list of some of Jason's comments. The last addition was on 1/16/12. New entries are in red.
    Alela Diane - "The world's going to end soon. You know that, right? This woman's music is proof of it. …
  • #495

    Dic 4 2006, 21:35 di insomniac85

    here's a bit of info about me:

    one day i made a decision to own all 500 of the "500 best albums" list that rolling stone magazine put out. while i know this list is a greatly contested document that omits some really great albums, or has the order a bit different than some people would like it to be, or even has albums that do not deserve to be on it...etc, i thought that it would be a good way for me to experience a lot of music that i otherwise would not listen to. plus it would add to my music collection, which is probably my favorite thing that i own. i have an addiction to buying cds. anyways, i've been going at it for a while now, i am in no hurry to rush through the list, and i don't buy the next one on the list by any sort of set schedule, but i do get them when i have money, time, or just feel like it.

    so anyway, i got #495 in the mail today, which is the album 'new day rising' by Husker Du. i'm just now listening to it, and after initially being thrown off by the production and mixing, i'm really liking it. …