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Guns N' Roses sono un gruppo hard & heavy statunitense, formatosi a Los Angeles nel 1985. Con 150 milioni di dischi venduti, di cui 65,5 milioni nei soli Stati Uniti d'America, sono annoverati tra i musicisti di maggior successo nella storia del rock. Lo stile sonoro, l'immagine trasgressiva e le costanti performance dal vivo, li aiutarono ad occupare un posto di prestigio nella scena musicale tra gli anni ottanta e novanta. A partire dal 1993 il gruppo ha conosciuto… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di DavidSMorais
    with that voice? no kidding...
  • Avatar di PatrikMagnus
    Time for a new album, Rosie!
  • Avatar di PattiLein_
    November Rain <3
  • Avatar di BryanWeber
    Where's Izzy?
  • Avatar di corpsetastic
    Some people listen to Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Don't Cry and SCOM and that's all they can physically make themselves listen to, it's rather a shame because this is a band with 10/10 tracks coming out of their arses.
  • Avatar di tobehurt
  • Avatar di InTheOrchard
    It's crazy how popular they are but how few listeners some of the tracks from UYI I&II have.
  • Avatar di RiskGrave
    I could go on with all this "In a perfect world" stuff, but damn, seeing Axl and Slash share a stage is a trip. Duff is a big bonus too. Duff is one of a small handfull of bass players with an instantly recognizable sound. Missing Steven and Izzy is a huge shame, but hey, I'll take what I can get. One last thing, Axl is sounding fucking fantastic! Didn't think I'd utter that sentence in 2016.
  • Avatar di corpsetastic
    Really surreal seeing Slash doing his little hop jump thing playing chinese democracy! I was really hoping Axl wouldn't let them ditch the cd era, I loved following his deranged crusade, I wish he'd just put the rest of the CD material out so we can start another era afresh cause those buckethead and finck tracks are guaranteed to be sick.
  • Avatar di BeNgEE4
    Don't know whether props to Axl for not cancelling or dude you're sitting in farkn chair.

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