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Guns N' Roses

Live and Let Die (3:02)

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  • Sorry!!!!.....not Guns & Roses for me:(
  • intro fodaa
  • Hmmm, LastFm just played the cover of this by Duffy. It must be 'Live and Let Die' day...
  • imma go learn the horn part xDDDD
  • amo os guns n roses
  • Great cover, doesn't even scratch the original.
  • Great cover, beats the original. [3]
  • One of the best songs of Guns.
  • Great cover, beats the original. [2]
  • old GNR > new GNR >>>>>>>> velvet revolver
  • Who misses the old GNR?
  • its good
  • I concur with enterstuddman, this is truly one of the greatest covers of all time.
  • Better then original sorry Sir Paul go cry somewhere else Axl gives more credibility to this song
  • Its not the greatest cover,I agree.Slash's guitar is all wrong.But i listen to this the other days for the first time in years and i dont hate it anymore.
  • Great song.
  • I don't mind Guns N' Roses at all, but this cover is horrendous in my opinion. The chorus is, anyway. The rest of it is okay, but it sounds so off key compared to the real version.
  • Legal demais....
  • After reading the Slash biography, I would love to hear the first cover version they made of this song. It was meant to be a full on rock out!
  • you are al noobs lololllolololololololol
  • good but vid is a bit bad :P
  • ,.................. I like it!,............!
  • I'm not going say which is better. All I can say is that the guitars are simply kick-ass.
  • ahhh....miss spent youth I miss those days still think one of their greatest accomplishments were killing off most hair bands
  • both are good but i prefer the GNR version
  • This is good is not better than original
  • I hate this cover with such passion. The original is the only one we need.
  • Great cover, beats the original.
  • Perfect cover
  • Great cover
  • HELL YEAH AWESOME SONG!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!! \m/ O_O \m/
  • Yeaahhh!
  • Amen
  • "VIVIR Y DEJAR MORIR......."
  • Worse than the original. Just being a dick... both are good. I got to witness McCartney play this at Busch Stadium in 1993. Impressive.
  • ღ ♫ღ
  • Vive y deja morir...
  • Love guns and roses, they really rock!
  • Sounds like shit >.<
  • better than the original.
  • Beatles version? Lose on both accounts there. It's a Paul McCartney and Wings song, not The Beatles. And the original is not a version, it's the original. Without it any cover version of it would never exist. I like the original and the GNR cover, both cool by me.
  • Much better than the overrated (as usual) Beatles' version.
  • perfect song to man up
  • To do list: Check out the original song.
  • You better live........... for you are going to die........................
  • Best Bond theme tune ever!!
  • makes me smile :)
  • Great cover. I prefer Paul's version but this is still good.
  • Axl's vocals are amazing, goes without saying, but he fits a lot in 3 minutes here.
  • Great track to jam out to!!!


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