• 22nd Satanic Stomp

    Apr 13 2009, 17:50 di pik_joker

    Sa., 11. Apr. – 22. Satanic Stomp

    At least but not at last the time was mature for a new Satanic Stomp. The weather was great and the festival was a hit, but I better should start with the beginning. It was Saturday and also the first day of the festival. Doors open at 5.00 pm, so we picked up a friend and drove to Speyer about 2.30 pm. It was the first time we didn`t book tickets and we were a lil’ bit concerned about this. Actually it was a big problem for the people who arrived later because as it turned out some of them were left without tickets as I heard later.
    The point is that we arrived at the parking area near Halle 101 in Speyer about 5.00 pm and it was pretty hard to find a parking place, so we decided to sleep in the car during the festival.
    We bought the tickets and went inside. the Skarekrows were the first, they had a pretty nice sound and made a cool show. El Globul ( Fuzz Guitar ) was wearing his string thong, the cowboy boots and his hat. …