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Grouper è un progetto solista ambient/drone acustico nato nel 2005 dalla musicista americana Liz Harris.

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  • Wow! I now want to live on an island and write novellas with a quiet wife who loves that life very much. THX GROUPER
  • Her A.I.A series' album art reminds me so much of Yellow Swans' Going Places. I dig them all!
  • Liz, please, marry me
  • wow
  • What is Sedon Wind? Is that a typo?
  • Grouper (Liz Harris) has a band and is releasing a debut album:
  • viral on lastfm? Didn't know that was a thing.
  • Lucky for being able to appreciate her music. Also, I didn't discover Grouper through last fm. I was listening to Deerhunter radio via spotify and asked for it to play songs similar to "White Ink" and one of her songs came up I had never heard her before but I was instantly drawn to her music. I think I'm lucky that I appreciate and enjoy something that I feel is so serene and intimate. Though to be fair, I feel that way with other music too. Also, I don't listen to Grouper because it requires patience, I listen to it because I enjoy it. Maybe patience guides my palette. Patience is a good quality when it comes to ambient/drone music. That doesn't mean patience as in waiting for something to occur within the song. But I'll check out Arvo Pärt and Morton Feldman too, thanks.
  • v Excuse me, who said that she was twenty year old? And why is it so bad to be twenty year old? Is it important while listening to good music? Damn elitist hipsters nowadays.

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