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  • Avatar di Asta6roth
    Dead Boys!
  • Avatar di gdliker
  • Avatar di Harveykid
    i live in the suburbs..
  • Avatar di gagarangga
    music starts from ZERO!
  • Avatar di bigraasman
    AINT NUTHIN 'DU!!!!!
  • Avatar di Iluvurbrain
    Raw display of the angst we all deal w/ growing up in a small shit ass town
  • Avatar di rssnowblind
    Whoever thinks this sucks just must not know good punk rock if it weren't for these guys the grunge scene probably wouldn't have truly happened yea everyone says that Nirvana started but really they just made it big. This band as well as like soundgarden and the melvins were some of the first which would influence other bands and its punk it doesn't have to be great its about the message and the freedom you get when you listen to it like a F*** you to the rest of the world which is why I love it. :D
  • Avatar di BugsBunnyBoy
  • Avatar di Metalfiend11
    Not too bad.
  • Avatar di aksilart
    tres bon son cool
  • Avatar di Chainyyy
    They sound a little bit like Mudhoney. I love Green River <3
  • Avatar di TheOnlyRoc
    Proof that Grunge is Punk Rock.
  • Avatar di LucaBrasiXL
    Haha, Kim Thayil, and King Buzzo said these guys sounded too much like Aerosmith,lol. I'd have to agree. They suck.
  • Avatar di familyradio
    I'm with Al below here, on this one they suck big ball
  • Avatar di brentsmith500
    this song sucks like the band sucks. Big Ball suckin
  • Avatar di ralfperfect
    it´s ok
  • Avatar di Adrenalinmaskin
    best song they ever made
  • Avatar di kentytrenty
    I havent heard this band in years...
  • Avatar di kurt__cobain__
    yeah! i like this band
  • Avatar di machine_of_god
    ah, green river... what a pleasure...
  • Avatar di BlueLetter
    haaaa.............luv it!......^ ^
  • Avatar di machine_of_god
    hell yeah...
  • Avatar di frolousaki
    reminds me stelios!wooo hooo
  • Avatar di greenmachine66
    so damn good
  • Avatar di ceasaraugustus
  • Avatar di xelene_x
    wow... kickass
  • Avatar di Nitrogel
    this is a kick ass cover...1977 aint go nothing on it!! jejejeje
  • Avatar di ozandogan
    ouuuuu cool!!!
  • Avatar di thnzr
    best song ever of green River
  • Avatar di TheNoid
    A bakers dozen is actually 13!
  • Avatar di adam-454
    First comment? Wow. Love this song too.

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