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Plastic Beach

Plastic Beach

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  • can't believe it's been 5 years
  • After 5 years the only Gorillaz album I continue to listen from start tot finish from time tot time.
  • underrated demais
  • I love de cover!
  • Fuck how I love this album!❤️
  • Amazing album.
  • Best Gorillaz album [2]
  • Best Gorillaz album
  • Best Gorillaz album :3
  • Empire Ants, To Binge, On Melancholy Hill, Stylo - real pearls!!!! Escpecially Empire Ants
  • Plastic Beach is a masterpiece. I feel sorry for people who have not realized this.
  • My favourite album by them!
  • @sofi_stroke I think that Plastic Beach is more cohesive than the self titled
  • One of my favorite albums ever
  • The only bad thing about it is its lack of cohesion. Great songs overall.
  • Grown on me so much over the past few years
  • <3
  • Love it. Plastic Beach was great IMO.
  • Empire ants, fucking awsome music
  • Considering how good this album is overall, goddamn is Cloud of Unknowing a bad song.
  • I don't agree with all of the hate Plastic Beach is subjected to. It's different for sure, but it's not bad. I rather enjoy it. And besides, all bands have to progress and change, right?
  • I can never understand why people were disappointed by this to the extent that they were either. It may be different from the other two albums, but it still sounds the way only Gorillaz can. What more did people want?
  • Some Kind of Nature <3
  • A good album but a kinda boring...
  • Their first two albums are two of my favourites from any group but this just sounds wrong. I know next to nothing about electronica and hip-hop and trip-hop and all that but this album still manages to sound kind of 'generic' to me, which is quite an achievement considering I didn't have the foggiest idea of what a generic sounding Gorillaz album would sound like. Maybe it's the constant vocalist rotation, or because I'm generally not found of lots of electronic influence, or because it just seems too damn serious, but on the whole this just doesn't have that Gorillaz identity. Maybe it will get better after more listens, but at the moment - bleurgh :(
  • people were disappointed by this album? i never knew, seems very consistent to me, and it contains "empire ants" too aka: the best gorillaz song forever
  • This album is a mess
  • Am I the only one who does not find Plastic Beach as an album but a place for reflexion and disappearance?
  • This is so rich in sound and genres! definately amazing and one of my favorites
  • Great album. Easy to listen to from start to finish. Also a fan of The Fall, anyone else enjoy it as well?
  • to all that this album is disappointing or just doesn't like it: Maybe give it another chance. At the beginning I had a big objection, and now ... I think this is one of the best albums I've heard in my life :)
  • Best Gorillaz album. Actually has a concept and no filler. Also, great guest appearances.
  • Gorillaz and Demon Days were outstanding. This was just disappointing.
  • Only album should be listen while flying
  • Awesome album!!! The best forever!!!!!
  • @leisuresuite I like all of their albums (yes The Fall too) so yes. But I also like almost every kind of music ever from Tom Waits to Britney Spears so I can enjoy a lot of music :D
  • The best Gorillaz album. The only one that's consistent from start to finish.
  • this LP and Demon Days are great but this one is their best
  • In reply to leisuresuite: I like songs from the first two albums, but I don't regard either as being as well put together as Plastic Beach. Plastic Beach was also the first Gorillaz album I listened to in its entirety though.
  • Just wondering, do people who enjoy Plastic Beach also like the first two albums? Because PB is so incredibly different that I can't even begin to approach it. Yes, I am closed-minded.
  • This album was a huge masterpiece. Sorry.
  • This album was a huge disappointment. Sorry, guys.
  • Welcome to the World of the Eargasm Beach
  • Yeh, this is actually pretty damn good.
  • i don't like this shit, but i love 2/3 songs from it
  • this album is flawfree, unlike The Fall, and better than the first two, though I loved those too.
  • The perfect misanthrope's Heaven
  • masterpiece
  • v Well, Damon Albarn does.
  • I didn't dislike this album, but I never get so addicted to it ):


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