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I Goo Goo Dolls sono un gruppo musicale statunitense originario di Buffalo formato da Johnny Rzeznik (voce e chitarra), Robby Takac (basso e chitarra) e Mike Malinin (batteria). Nati come formazione punk, matrice di cui conservano la struttura del trio basso, chitarra, batteria e l'approccio nelle metriche dei pezzi più veloci, con il tempo soprattutto grazie all'uso delle accordature non convenzionali di Rzeznik maturano…

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  • Let love in still had it's moments, Something for the rest of us is awful however. Superstar Carwash is about as well written an album as you'll ever come across.
  • I agree... the past 3 albums seem to lack passion I found in most of their other albums. I never really listened to the first two albums that much, but Hold Me Up is where they started to invent their signature sound. Superstar Carwash is where I think they hit the sweet spot, and although they slowly grew more radio friendly from there on, Superstar Carwash through Gutterflower were all gold in my opinion. Let Love In is where it tarted to fell more lackluster, although I found that album still very enjoyable.
  • No matter how hard I try I just can't get on board with the last 3 albums. I agree with the guy below...though no quite as angrily.
  • I haven't listened to these guys in probably 15 years. They were way, WAY better on the early records. Self titled, Jed, Hold Me Up was good stuff, even Superstar Carwash and Boy Named Goo... they are the poster children of a sellout band. They kicked George out, sold their souls and haven't written a decent song in 20 years.
  • Iris ^_^
  • Iris ♥
  • Just Great
  • Fantastic songwriting...
  • Please combine with THE goo goo dolls! :)
  • And Hold Me Up, sorta. Awesome stuff.

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