• music for last week (Oct. 1 to Oct. 8)

    Ott 14 2006, 15:45 di cstevenson88

    1. Legion of Doom- of course. theyre just that good. The Quiet Screaming is especialy good, lyrics+background music =amazing. cant wait to hopefully see Brand New and Dashboard Confessional

    2.Goo Goo Dolls- no need for explanation. Love them. Good for when ur doin the studying you just dont want to bring yourself to do. Or the early mornin prep for school. Strange Love is my recomendation for the week.

    3.Boys Night Out- Trainwreck is sooo good. love its all one big story. love Medicating.

    4.Hinder- of course the overall best artist on my scrobbler would be on here. love their music its best listened to when cleaning. cant wait to see them on the 25th of November. its gonna be sweet

    5. Nickelback- of course there good but this has a lot to do with tracks that make me think of my recently passed nephew specially Far Away, he used to sing it with my mom. can't get the image outta my head, so i just embrace it. <3

    6.Underoath- just went on a kick, like their music and hadnt listened to it in a while, so i did. …
  • You have become... beautiful.

    Apr 30 2006, 0:01 di aleph0knot

    I have been listening to the new Goo Goo Dolls album 'Let Love In' and I can say I have been immensely surprised. I wasn't sure about the album at first as some of the songs generated mixed reactions from me on the first listen. I still dislike Strange Love, but overall I think the final track Become summarizes the album perfectly (It's also my favorite track on the entire album -P): "Yeah... you have become... Yeah you have become... beautiful." From John Rzenik voice to some of the most beautiful lyrics and catchy rhythm, this album felt deeply reflective and romantic. Other than that one track, my only real complaint (if this even counts as one) is that the album could be longer -O.