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  • needs some cowbell man ....dig it mofo
  • brillant shit.
  • Someone tagged this song as "a hip man with john lennon glasses trying to come on to you" LOL
  • i really want these guys to tour the uk...8^/>
  • Tommy's voice has that baritone (I think?) range and many people are simply discovering new music so they've only got what they've known previously to compare it to. I don't think that is a concious thing it's just how people work really, like when you see someone you think you know but it's just someone who looks like them. Brilliant duo these two, they are also very nice people.
  • Now, Now boy's peace, love n that!
  • sounds fuck all like the doors music,yes agreed this guy sounds a bit like morrison,but most music has to have influence,and i think jim morrison is a good start to a good influence,so leave these guys alone they fookin fresh and cool and have a cool way about em,so enough of trying to compare these delights with the doors(also delights) and enjoy the delightful music..pls
  • lol calm down man
  • Your A Fucking Tool, Fuck The Doors, Nothing Like Them.
  • Listen to The Doors much?

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